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James Leifert drank coffee
Tiago Leifert had breakfast with Ana Maria Braga and participated in the “Encontro” with Ftima Bernardes yesterday, to talk about his decision to leave Globo, which he joined in 2004 (photo: Joo Cotta/Disclosure)

In the wake of successive entries and exits of TV Globo presenters in recent months, including the departure of Fausto Silva, the biggest name in the area, for the Band, Tiago Leifert announced last Thursday night (09/09) that he will leave the broadcaster. The journalist and presenter used their social networks to break the news.

“There comes a time in every young person’s life that he needs to leave his parents’ house and face the world. In my personal life, I’ve obviously been through this moment, my hair (or the absence of it) doesn’t lie: I’m 41, I’m married and I’m a father. Now in my professional life… That moment has arrived. In December, I’m going to say goodbye to the house I love,” Leifert wrote in a long text posted on his Instagram.

In the statement, the presenter says that the idea of ​​leaving the station is not new, and began to be discussed last year. “As there was no rush, we agreed to talk again towards the end of my contract. Recently, after a new conversation and with the idea fully mature, I communicated my decision to Globo,” he said.

Globo reiterated the news in a statement sent by its Press Communication Center. “Tiago Leifert will say goodbye to Globo, after 15 years of a happy and successful partnership,” announced the company.

Before that, he presents the tenth season of “The Voice Brasil”, whose finale is scheduled for December 23rd. In the text that announces his departure, Leifert says that the next edition of the musical reality will be “different and full of new dynamics”. “I’ll have plenty of time to say goodbye to everyone, say thanks and obviously cry like never before.”


Son of Gilberto Leifert, former director of the broadcaster’s Market Relations, the presenter began his career in 2004 at Rede Vanguarda, an affiliate of Globo in the interior of So Paulo. In 2006, he started working at SporTV and, in 2008, he started working at “Esporte Espetacular” and “Globo Esporte”.

With the success in presenting the sports newspaper, Leifert migrated from journalism to entertainment, a path taken by other professionals at the station, such as Pedro Bial, Ftima Bernardes and Patrcia Poeta.

He featured attractions such as “from home”, “The voice Brazil” and “The voice kids”. Between 2016 and 2020, he also had the “Zero1” program, aimed at game fans, one of his confessed passions.

In 2017, Leifert took over the “Big brother Brazil” replacing Pedro Bial. In charge of the reality show until this year’s edition, he created his own borders, such as “fire in the playground”, and promoted an inflection in the way of seeing the dispute, accentuating its “game” character at the expense of the laboratory of conviviality in the confinement, which seemed to be the most relevant aspect for Bial.

ahead of the “BBB”, Leifert presented the historic triple-pardo of the “BBB 20” (actually, polarized between the “sensible fairy” Manu Gavassi and the “ogre” Felipe Prior), which had a world record of votes.

In this year’s edition, he was surprised with a live denunciation of racism, made by the geography professor from Minas Gerais, Joo Luiz. In the wall following this episode, Leifert excused himself from the script and made a speech about racism, positioning himself as “a white man” who has yet to learn about the topic.


Capitalizing on the audience’s announcement of the presenter’s departure, Globo made Tiago Leifert the main attraction of its Friday morning program (10/09). As the costume dictates, Ana Maria Braga received the ‘eliminated’ from “BBB” in “Mais voc”.

The presenter himself played with the situation. “Maintaining the tradition of every ex-BBB, I came to Ana Maria Braga the morning after the elimination”, he published on his social networks.

In the interview, he explained that the work routine was “an athlete’s life”. “On the eve of ‘The Voice’ or ‘Big Brother,’ I didn’t go out. That obsession is always, working hard, no holidays. My big epiphany last year, ‘BBB20’, my pregnant wife. The show had been big. Yeah, and I wasn’t happy,” he said.

“I decided that I was going to leave Globo because my mission here is fulfilled,” he said. Leifert vaguely cited “new projects” without specifying their professional destiny.

About “BBB”, he commented that he was happy running the reality show. “All the first three weeks of ‘Big Brother’ are going to be difficult. They were difficult, but the team is very husky. We know each other, it’s very closed. As much as we’ve had problems with Karol [Conk] and Lucas [Penteado], we did it,” he said.

Leifert was also the attraction of the “Encontro com Ftima Bernardes”. The presenter highlighted the positive side of the changes, but suggested the possibility that the presenter would return to the channel in the future.


In June 2021, after Fausto’s abrupt departure from the command of “Domingo”, Tiago Leifert took over the Sunday afternoons of TV Globo until the debut of its new incumbent, Luciano Huck. Its good performance on the day of greatest audience (and advertising revenue) for the network made many viewers and even some TV commentators root for it on time.

Now that Leifert has also announced that he will say goodbye to Globo at the end of the year, the “BBB” audience is worried about who the reality’s next presenter will be and is intensely speculating about the new name. On Twitter, the news was among the most talked about subjects, and three professionals were among the most cited: Marcos Mion, Ana Clara and Mnica Iozzi.


Recently hired by Globo to take over “Caldeiro” by the end of the year, Mion appears to have a certain advantage for having already presented three editions of “A Fazenda”, by Record, as well as other realities, such as “dolos” and ” The four Brazil”.

J Ana Clara the favorite among twitterers. The journalist from Rio de Janeiro participated in the “BBB 18” alongside her father, in an unprecedented dynamic in the program in which two participants took the place of a competitor to the award. They finished in third place.

After working on reality, she became a reporter for the now extinct “Video Show” and participated in the coverage of “Rock in Rio” in 2019. In the same year, Ana Clara took over the presentation of a painting at “BBB” in which she received the ‘brothers’ ‘ and the newly deleted ‘sisters’.

Since last year, the interviews she conducts on “Rede BBB” have received voluminous praise. Even Boninho, the boss of “Big Brother”, recognized Ana Clara’s good performance and stated that she deserved more space on the network’s grid.

Despite being singled out on the web, Mnica Iozzi is perhaps the least likely name for the attraction. The actress and presenter was known for the program “CQC”, from Band, she served as a reporter for “BBB14” and was the presenter of “Video show” between 2015 and 2016. Since then, Iozzi has worked as an actress in the series “Vade retro” (2017 ), “Assdio” (2018) and “Carcereiros” (2019), and in the soap opera “A dona do pedao” (2019).

While Globo does not announce the command of “BBB22”, the reality TV audience will be able to follow “A Fazenda 13” as of next Tuesday (14/09). The new edition of the Record program will be presented by Adriane Galisteu and has among the confirmed participants the funk artist Tati Quebra Barraco, the singer Nego do Borel, the actor Mussunzinho and the ex-BBB Acrebiano “Bil” Arajo. (GA)