Google search engine gets dark mode on PC; see how to activate

Users who enjoy using websites and apps in dark mode have reason to celebrate today (10): Google released a feature that brings more eye-friendly tones to its PC search engine, Google Search.

Now, when accessing the famous address, the user can replace the white background of the interface by a gray color. When activated, dark mode is applied to the homepage and also to search engine results, including the homepage, image division and even the “Shopping” tab.

the look of interface is similar to what we already have in the mobile edition of Google Search. Dark mode has been available for Android and iOS phones since May, through the Google app and also in browsers such as Chrome.

How to turn on dark mode in Google Search

The novelty works in any browser and can be activated in the Settings menu, available in the lower right corner of the page, under the option “Dark theme”. The function can be easily disabled by following the same path.

Google Search Dark ModeThe dark theme can be activated on a dedicated button in Google search settings.

Dark mode can still be enabled within the “Search Settings” menu, also available in the lower right corner, or in the gear symbol that appears in search results. In such cases, the user can activate the “Device Default” option, which follows the theme available in the operating system.

The novelty hits computers about a month before the release of Windows 11, which will have more focus on dark mode.