Government confirms first death of PE resident caused by Covid’s delta variant and registers 15 more cases of this strain | Pernambuco

The government of Pernambuco confirmed, this Friday (10), the first death of a resident of the state infected by the delta variant of Covid-19, as well as 15 new cases of the new strain of coronavirus. As a result, the number of occurrences of this strain rose to 29, according to analyzes by the Aggeu Magalhães Institute, from Fiocruz.

This was the second death caused by the Delta variant that occurred in Pernambuco territory. The first was from a Filipino crew member of a ship that was held up at the Port of Recife in July.

The new confirmed death for the delta was a 75-year-old elderly resident of Recife, who died on August 23rd.

According to the State Health Department, he had comorbidities such as diabetes and chronic cardiovascular disease, in addition to having a pacemaker.

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On August 18, the state government confirmed community transmission of this type of variant of the new coronavirus. This type of transmission is characterized when it is not possible to know who passed the disease.

According to SES, 22 samples of the new coronavirus have been sequenced since September 2nd. Of these, 15 (68%) were identified as being of the delta variant, which is more transmissible than the strains mostly found in the state.

Of these 15 patients, 14 are from cities in Pernambuco and one was tested and notified by Fernando de Noronha, but is from Ubatuba (SP). The cities in which there were new delta variant registrations are as follows:

  • Araçoiaba (1);
  • Caruaru (4);
  • Ladder (1);
  • Jaboatão dos Guararapes (1);
  • Jataúba (2);
  • Quipapá (1);
  • Recife (3);
  • Fernando de Noronha (1);
  • São Paulo/Ubatuba (1).

Delta variant symptoms — Photo: BBC Art

Among the 15 new cases of the delta variant, seven were identified in men and eight in women, aged between 11 and 75 years.

The age groups are: 10 to 19 (3), 20 to 29 (3), 30 to 39 (3), 40 to 49 (2), 50 to 59 (2), 60 to 69 (1) and 70 to 79 (1).

Of the samples that tested positive for the delta variant, 14 were reported as mild cases. The municipalities of origin were instructed to investigate and follow up on the cases. The only case of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Srag) was an elderly resident of Recife who died.

The other seven cases sequenced by Aggeu Magalhães were of the gamma sublineage (31.8%), in residents of Fernando de Noronha (2), Frei Miguelinho (3) and Paulista (1), in addition to one from Mossoró (RN).

See 5 points about the delta variant

See 5 points about the delta variant

In addition to the 15 new cases registered this Friday (10), four were confirmed on September 2nd. The patients were from Olinda (1), Ipojuca (1), Caruaru (1) and Araripina (1).

On August 27, there were eight cases: Recife (5), Olinda (1), Cabo de Santo Agostinho (1) and Exu (1). Before that, on the 18th of the same month, there were two more confirmations: Abreu e Lima (1) and Olinda (1).

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