Grêmio sends an official letter to CBF and asks for a position on Fla’s game with fans

Grêmio sent an official letter to CBF, today (10), asking for a formal position from the entity on the start of ticket sales by Flamengo for the second game of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. The club from Rio Grande do Sul has already threatened not to play next Wednesday (15), at Maracanã, if the stadium receives a public. The document was governed by the Grêmio throughout the day.

The CBF competition department will evaluate the case in the next few hours.

Grêmio’s idea is to have the entity’s position regarding the news of the case. Knowing if the match continues, even with the beginning of the sale of tickets, something that does not comply with the regulations of national competitions in force.

The CBF showed itself aligned with the interest of the 19 clubs that want to overturn the injunction that authorizes Flamengo to play three matches with the presence of fans. The leaders met last Wednesday. The red-black summit refused to participate in the virtual meeting, claiming that the confederation is not competent to deal with the release of the public to return to the stadiums.

Grêmio defends that Flamengo does not comply with the agreement between clubs, made in March, for the return of the public in the stadiums with an endorsement for all squares. The criterion cited is isonomy and balance. “If there wasn’t a crowd in the first leg, there can’t be in the return game. Grêmio is supported by the regulations,” said Romildo Bolzan Jr., president of Grêmio, on Wednesday (8).

The Grêmio card is the new step in the off-field controversy involving the clubs and the duel of the Copa do Brasil. In the first leg of the confrontation, in Porto Alegre, Renato Gaúcho’s team won by the score of 4 to 0, even with a player less.

Grêmio returns to the field on Sunday (12), against Ceará, for the Brazilian Championship. On the same day, Flamengo visits Palmeiras. Gremistas and Flamengo fans meet, at Brasileirão, next Sunday (19), also at Maracanã.