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quarrel and quarrel

Reproduction: Panic/Youtube

After Jair Bolsonaro’s tackle, it was Zé Trovão’s turn. In an interview with a pocket radio station, the truck driver said that he is demobilizing his colleagues. Earlier, the president himself asked the strikers to return home, as they are “harming the economy”.

“We decided to put an end to the stoppages”, stated.

In fact, who ended the movement was Michel Temer, when he pressured Jair Bolsonaro to make peace with Alexandre de Moraes to avoid an impeachment and that his children end up in jail.

“We are opening the barriers because we believe that what President Bolsonaro promised yesterday at our meeting will happen. The meeting with him yesterday was long, and he thanked us for everything that happened.” amended, following the narrative of the sons of Jair, that there is a great strategy behind the retreat of the president.

Earlier, we noted that there are almost no more locks. Zé Trovão, who has been on the run for 1 week, said he went to Mexico on August 27th.

“I came to Mexico on the 27th. To fulfill some things here that I needed and to safeguard my life. Before this arrest warrant came out, I was under a lot of threat on social media. I ended up getting the news that I was wanted. We took the necessary precautions so that this arrest did not happen, because it is arbitrary. I don’t accept my arrest, I’m not a criminal. I was instructed not to attend.”