Honda CBR 1000RR-R arrives in Brazil with MotoGP technology for R$ 159,900 – 10/09/2021

The new generation of Honda Fireblade, now called CBR 1000RR-R, finally arrives in Brazil. Completely new, the super sports car arrives in the country only in the SP version, more prepared for the tracks and with MotoGP technologies, for R$ 159,900. The model goes on pre-sale next September 13, but should only hit stores in October in two color options: black and tricolor.

The Fireblade 2022 has been completely renovated. design, engine, frame, suspensions, brakes and on-board electronics were developed from scratch, with the aim of making the new CBR 1000RR-R even more sporty and racing, as the extra “R” in the name reinforces.

“This is a new Fireblade, and our intentions couldn’t be clearer. The “battlegrounds” of the CBR 1000RR-R SP are the race tracks, where the driver can test the model’s full performance potential.” , declared the model’s project leader, Yuzuru Ishikawa.

More than 1 horse per kilo

To make the new Fireblade even more sporty racing, the Japanese brand sought inspiration in the RC-213V, a model piloted by Marc Marquez and in Espargaró at MotoGP. The new CBR 1000RR-R uses the most powerful in-line four-cylinder engine Honda has ever built.

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Honda CBR 1000RR-R SP weighs just 201 kg and has 216.7 horsepower

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Sharing the same diameter and piston stroke as MotoGP, the CBR 1000RR-R delivers 216.7 hp of maximum power at 14,500 rpm and peak torque of 11.53 kgf.m to 12,500 revolutions, while weighing just 201 kg (in order of gear), that is, a ratio of 1,078 hp/kg. Akrapovic’s complete exhaust system also contributed to the weight reduction.

The CBR1000RR-R Fireblade in the SP version, the only one that comes to Brazil, also has semi-active Öhlins electronic suspension with 43 mm NPX forks and Öhlins TTX36 Smart-EC rear shock, and new four-piston radially mounted Brembo brake calipers Stylema and the Brembo monobloc clamp at the rear.

MotoGP Aerodynamics

The fairing lines were also influenced by the MotoGP champion, so much so that the bike has “flaps” in the fairing. The goal was to increase the “downforce“, that is, the air pressure that keeps the bike glued to the ground at high speed.

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New Honda CBR 1000RR-R SP has fins like MotoGP’s RC 213V

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As a result, the new CBR 1000RR-R SP employs vanes that generate downward force similar to the RC 213V from MotoGP of 2018. This translates into a decrease in front wheel lift during acceleration and greater stability in braking and curves.

On the electronics side, the CBR 1000RR-R received a six-axis inertial measurement sensor (IMU) from Bosch. The new IMU replaces the five-axis unit from the previous design, providing extremely accurate yaw, pitch and roll calculations to allow even more precise control of all steer-aid systems such as traction control, anti-wheeling, ABS brakes and even a start control, which helps you start at the front on the grid.


Imported from Japan, Honda CBR 1000RR-R SP arrives for salty R$ 159,900 in the country. The high value is justified by Honda due to the high dollar.

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Honda CBR 1000RR-R SP has electronic suspension, TFT panel and even Smart Key

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Although it represents practically twice what was charged by the old Honda CBR 1000RR SP, the price of the new generation Fireblade is slightly above the competitors. The Ducati Panigale V4S, also with 217 hp, is currently sold for R$130,000; the BMW S 1000RR, with the M package, costs R$ 139 thousand.