Horoscope of the Day: Predictions for September 11, 2021 | Prediction and Stars

The mandala is designed by astrologer Marcelo Dalla
Marcelo Dallas

The mandala is designed by astrologer Marcelo Dalla


Sensitivity, passion and intuition are highlighted: the Moon remains in Scorpio. Take the opportunity to research, investigate, find diagnoses for deep questions about yourself. It becomes easier to see what needs to be improved and healed. Mars aligns with Pluto to ensure vitality and confidence, you can take a variety of initiatives with more confidence. You can overcome old issues too. The Moon combines with Sun and Neptune, favoring empathy, it is easier to elevate feelings.


It’s time to improve your look, distribute smiles and compliments, show your best. You can activate contacts, make friends, promote releases, promotions, schedule artistic activities. The period promises movement and inspiration, you can make creative proposals for your love. Moon and Venus follow in Scorpio, also indicating a good period to transform old feelings and cultivate detachment, as there is always something new and better ahead. However, be careful not to overdo your jealousy!


Week of more sensitivity, art, romance and inspiration. The Moon remains in Scorpio, combines forces with Sun, Neptune and Pluto. Count on good comprehension skills. Take the opportunity to study, research, investigate and delve into any subject, promote changes and transformations so that everything works better. But the Moon also challenges Jupiter: try to be careful with excesses, exaggerations, madness and waste. We are in the Virgo lunation, it is good to simplify life and invest in health care.


You can learn more about life and about yourself. A good time to gain clarity about the deeper issues of life, get good diagnoses, better understand yourself and others. The Moon follows in Scorpio, favoring cleanings, changes, transformations, discoveries and purifications. It’s also worth being enchanted with beautiful and positive things, connecting with higher matters and with spiritual practices. Compassion, intuition and inspiration can bring healing and harmony.


Focus on the seeds that are germinating. The Sun remains in Virgo, favoring improvements and organizations. Meanwhile, the Moon remains in Scorpio: you can promote research, investigations and dialogue with more sensitivity. Furthermore, the Moon combines with Sun, Neptune and Pluto, favoring the deepest subjects, the arts and transcendental themes. It becomes easier to align the heart and reason to act with awareness, sensitivity and confidence. It’s good to slow down to hear the voice of intuition.


The Moon remains in Scorpio, it’s worth buying time to promote investigations, therapies, change yourself instead of trying to change others. Take the opportunity to put an end to old issues with more courage and determination. Be open to change your mind or mind if they aren’t finding an echo. The Moon combines with Neptune: it is also worth seeking inspiration in everything that is good, beautiful and good. Write down the new ideas, after your birthday it’s time to activate the new plans.


A good time to make contacts, cultivate generosity, expansiveness and good humor. Today the Moon makes harmonious aspects, favoring creative and inspiring activities. Enjoy playing, smiling, shining, celebrating, giving wings to your inner child. You can expand your social network and meet interesting people. But the Sun defies Neptune, be careful not to believe in false promises and fanciful projects. Try to research better, talk to whoever you need to get important information.


Count on more intuition and good analytical skills to get good diagnoses. The Moon follows in your sign, in harmony with Neptune and Pluto: good morning for deepening, everything that can bring new understandings. Take the opportunity to promote analysis and investigations, you can dialogue with more sensitivity and get more clarity on important issues. Libido and magnetism are also stronger. Good period to enhance the affinities between partners of the opposite sex. Therapies, meditations and artistic activities are also favored.


It’s time to make changes in your life, promote releases and healings. Take the opportunity to invest in personal relationships, talk, ask, clarify doubts. If necessary, it’s worth asking for forgiveness, fixing or going back on your points of view. Artistic and spiritual activities are favored. You can restore energy, release excess baggage so you can go lighter. It is also a good time to understand what you can change or add so that you can grow professionally.


The Moon follows in Scorpio, favoring therapies and investigations about itself. The harmony between Moon and Neptune favors contact with your most sensitive, deep and intuitive side. It is also easier to transmute old concerns, cultivate confidence and clarity, seek self-knowledge and expansion of awareness. Don’t entertain negative thoughts. Instead, use positive affirmations and inspirational information to rely more and more on your resources and your skills.


A more judicious, investigative and organized posture is favored by the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Virgo. You can take the opportunity to plan, research, study and delve into any subject. Good time for socializing and all kinds of exchanges. The Moon combines with Neptune: prefer inspiring activities, information and people. Your well-being is linked to your ability to delight in the positive side of life. It’s easier to align sensitivity and inspiration for positive results.


Good time to cultivate more inspiration and passion. The Moon grows in Scorpio and makes harmonious aspects today, favoring a more comprehensive and elevated view of life. It is worth seeking therapies and meditations to calm restlessness. Remember that the Sun goes in the opposite sign and things now don’t just depend on your personal efforts. It is important to exchange resources with others and with external circumstances. Also invest in contacting new friends and people from other social circles.