Humorist Jonathan Nemer Celebrates First Hug of Hospital Mother 5 Months After Contracting Covid: ‘She’s Coming Back’ | Bauru and Marilia

The comedian Jonathan Nemer posted on his social networks this Friday (10) a photo in which he gives his mother, Sara Nemer, his first hug, who is now taking the first steps after completing 5 months of hospitalization due to Covid-19.

The artist who has more than 2 million followers on Instagram had already made a post talking about this long period of his mother’s struggle to overcome the disease. The special moment was celebrated by Nemer.

“First real hug after 5 months. She’s coming back. @SaraNemer love of my life. Thank you Jesus. I know the pose isn’t the best, but without a doubt, I think it’s the best photo I’ve ever posted.”

Sara Nemer had been hospitalized since April in a hospital in Marília and was transferred in early July to São Paulo in an air ICU. On July 21, she was discharged from the ICU and since then Jonathan has been posting several videos where you can hear the voice of his mother, who is recovering from Covid’s after-effects.

On Thursday (9), she took her first steps since being hospitalized. The comedian was moved.

“Yesterday was a special day. Exactly on the day it completed 5 months of hospitalization, @SaraNemer took its first steps. It was beautiful, it was exciting. We glorified God for each step. Both these physical steps and the steps of evolution. God is wonderful. God is tremendous. God is powerful. I ask that you continue to pray for breast recovery and that she can be discharged with the best possible conditions,” wrote Nemer.

Jonathan won the support of several celebrities in April when he posted an Instagram post asking for prayers for his mother, whose condition had worsened. (See the video below).

“Unfortunately, my mother had another worsening. I only ask for prayer because I believe. Broken heart, united only by faith in God,” said the message.

Father Fábio de Mello, who lost his mother to the disease, fitness influencer Bella Falconi, former player Kaká and actor and presenter Otaviano Costa were some of the famous people who resonated the case on social networks. The comedian also mobilized a prayer chain in front of the hospital where his mother was hospitalized in Marília.

Marília's comedian asks for prayers for her mother who is hospitalized with Covid and receives support from famous people

Marília’s comedian asks for prayers for her mother who is hospitalized with Covid and receives support from famous people

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