Husband of investor of suspected pyramid company that closed in Cabo Frio reports businessman disappearance | Cabo Frio

House designated as the headquarters of Investing Lagos, in São Pedro da Aldeia – Photo: Reproduction
Luiz Felipe Rodrigues (RC24h)

Investing Lagos, an investment company suspected of operating as a financial pyramid in Cabo Frio, in the Lagos region, which announced its closure of activities on Wednesday (8), is yet another to make customers desperate and apprehensive.

The husband of an Investing client, Junior Silva, went to Portal O Dia this Friday (10) to tell his story with the company, which involves an investment of R$190 thousand made by the whole family, including mother-in-law, wife, brother-in-law and a friend of the wife.

With the amount invested, there is not even left over for rent and the lack of monthly transfers meant that the same family that invested almost R$200 thousand had to take out a loan to pay the rent on the house where they live.

According to Junior, the owner of Investing Lagos, Thiago Lobo de Souza, ran away with the clients’ money. He also said that the company did not communicate directly to customers about the closure of activities.

A company consultant with whom investors were talking, tried to put up with a hot towel and promised that payments will be made within 30 days.

“The consultant is part of the scam. I have a 29 minute conversation I recorded yesterday [quinta, 9] with him. He is trying to buy time and defends that Thiago will return the money next month”, reported the investor.

This gain in time would be due to Thiago’s banking impossibility to make large withdrawals without attracting attention. For the client, “they are applying the scam right now”.

“I’m having a hard time finding other people who have also taken this scam because they are believing in payment in 30 days. But you don’t have to pay. They will run away with everyone’s money”, lamented the investor.

Another point that the client’s husband uses to reinforce his thesis is that the consultant who attended him is a childhood friend of his wife and left home because he was receiving many threats.

“No one will want to kill either of them, because everyone wants to get paid. I think that whoever wants to pay doesn’t run away”, he said.

With the amount invested, there is not even left for rent - Luiz Felipe Rodrigues (RC24h)
With the amount invested, there is not even for rentLuiz Felipe Rodrigues (RC24h)

‘Businessman’s brother confirmed coup’

The investor’s husband went to the location indicated by the company’s CNPJ, on a street in downtown São Pedro da Aldeia. In a video sent to the Portal, the man found that the address is actually Thiago’s mother’s house.

At the site, Thiago was not found and no indication was made of where the businessman could be.

“Whoever was there, who attended me, was his brother. Treated me very badly. He said that his brother really hit everyone and that I was supposed to look for my rights, because there wasn’t a company there, it’s his mother’s house”, said Junior.

lack of transparency

The husband of the Investing Lagos client also disputed the company’s lack of transparency with investors. According to him, at no time did he and his family receive the communication directly that the company ended its activities.

“The official note [disponível no fim da matéria], we didn’t have it for the company, no. The company didn’t say anything to anyone. That’s what I got in a random group. My wife thought that and, at the time, she went crazy, almost felt sick”, she said.

Large family and belief in the company

The investor’s husband, who claims to have been injured by Investing Lagos, said that he has three children, one of which is only six months old, and that he is already feeling the impact of the company’s stoppage.

“I’m having to sell a ring that I keep here to pay the installment of my car, so as not to be late. I paid R$1,600 in rent, my father had to lend me the money. The guy messed with my whole life”, he vented.

The confidence in Investing Lagos came because Junior was already working as a trader and knew he could make money with this type of investment.

“The financial market is very complex, but I trusted the company. Whoever operates manages to keep the company for a while. But, when the proportion of bringing a lot of people comes in, there is no longer any way to operate for everyone,” he said.

“Up to a certain number of people, you can believe that it is a profitable company. Afterwards, there is no more. He starts paying people with the person’s own money. The last people who enter are always the ones who get screwed the most in the coup”, he concluded, characterizing a financial pyramid scheme of which he believes he was a victim.

in search of answers

Portal O Dia sent a message to the client’s broker involved in this story on the afternoon of Friday (10). The person who answered us was a person from his family, who passed on the version of the facts that he received from the owner of the company, Thiago Lobo de Souza.

According to the person, Investing Lagos has always honored its commitments to customers. What happened is that Thiago operated values ​​in a trader outsourcing company owned by entrepreneurs Nilson Alves, Nilsinho da Moringa, and Roberto Messias.

It turns out that Nilson was shot in March of this year and, after the attack, suspended payments.

“Investing Lagos, creditor of Mr. Nilsinho, filed, even criminally, with the Deflagrations Police Station, trying to recover the capital. Nilsinho harmed thousands”, said the relative of an Investing Lagos consultant.

“On the other hand, Thiago passed on to the consultants that, today, with what the company has operating, it is able to return the return of capital from the first week of October,” he said.

“We have all the evidence that Investing Lagos took a blow from Nilsinho. That’s what the owner [Thiago] he passed it on to the consultants and showed the papers suing Nilsinho. Nilsinho hasn’t paid his creditors for six months. That’s the truth,” he said.

Also according to this source, Thiago didn’t run away and is at his house, serving everyone and assured that “the capital will be returned”.

About the consultant’s involvement in an alleged escape by Thiago, the family member said that he was “only one in the middle who invested and, when he found out, he had a heart attack and was hospitalized. As victim as everyone else”.

We also looked directly for the owner, Thiago Lobo de Souza, but he could not be found to position himself.

Check out the full official notice of the company:

The Investing Lagos company, which has always made payments to its investors strictly on time, hereby informs our dear clients and consultants that, in view of the default caused by our contracted trader’s, in an extraordinary manner and in order to keep their obligations up to date, we will have to terminate our activities and terminate all contracts in advance.

Our legal sector has already filed a criminal report with the Defrauds Office communicating the lack of refund of the investors’ amounts contributed to the trader’s account (prot. E-09/007368/0112021).

Thus, given the facts narrated and the commitment assumed, this company has been making the necessary efforts so that the capital of all investors begins to be gradually returned as of next October.

Cabo Frio, September 10, 2021.