Images show BH Military College students feeling sick after hours in the sun in training for Defense Minister visit | Minas Gerais

The TV Globo report had access to images that show about twenty students from Colégio Militar de Belo Horizonte feeling sick during training. held this Thursday morning (09), in the São Luís neighborhood, in the Pampulha Region.

Teachers, parents and students denounce mistreatment in training at Colégio Militar de BH

Teachers, parents and students denounce mistreatment in training at Colégio Militar de BH

According to eyewitness accounts, students between 11 and 18 years spent more than three hours under the strong sun. Many did not resist the heat and low humidity, as one student who does not want to be identified says.

“It was very dry and the sun was getting hotter. So, many students ended up feeling unwell because we are standing all the time making sense, listening to the instructions. So it was uncomfortable for a lot of people, especially for minors in the sixth and seventh years,” he said.

Sanitary protocols were also not complied with, according to the complaints. The students’ parents said that the students drank water directly from the drinking fountain, which is prohibited, due to the risk of contagion with the coronavirus.

At another time, the children were holding guns. According to internal sources at the school, they are unloaded carbines.

The law that regulates the possession of guns and the Statute of Children and Adolescents say it is prohibited “sell, supply, even if free of charge, or deliver, in any way, a weapon, ammunition or explosive to the child or adolescent”.

The training is for a ceremony that takes place tomorrow and commemorates the 66 years of Colégio Militar. Defense Minister General Walter Braga Neto, a former student at the school, confirmed his presence at the ceremony.

According to complaints made by employees of the school, parents and students, the person responsible for imposing this excessive training is the director of the school, Colonel Régis Rodrigues Nunes.

Civilian and military teachers said he was authoritative with the children. In a recording, the colonel complains that the students did not stand to attention.

“Students’ action here and why did they get out of shape? Then pass me, what’s going on? It’s lack of coffee, what is it?”, the director would have said in audio.

“We witnessed him being a little rude to several people who were there. Yeah… Saying that it couldn’t go wrong on Saturday, that you’re prepared, that you had to fix it, that you got involved, that’s how it was,” said a student at the school.

According to a teacher who asked for anonymity in the report, from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm, the children stood up and even fainted.

“Children are sick, that’s a crime, it’s really a crime, it’s physical and psychological torture. And there are already some parents who won’t let the student go to school tomorrow, because they were scared,” he said.

In a statement, the Military College said that the complaint is not true. And that the command “has always been guided by the well-being and physical integrity of the students”.

Facade of the Military College of Belo Horizonte — Photo: Gabriele Lanza/TV Globo

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