In an interview, Zé Trovão announces the end of the truck drivers’ strike | Brazil

  Marcos Antônio Pereira Gomes, known as Zé Trovão

Marcos Antônio Pereira Gomes, known as Zé Trovão

Marco Antônio Pereira Gomes, known as Zé Trovão, decrees the end of the stoppage of truck drivers in Brasília. In an interview with the Balanço Geral, he said he is being wanted for a crime that does not exist and is still talking about negotiations with President Bolsonaro.

Fugitive for a week, Zé Trovão was located yesterday (09) in Mexico City. According to him, the escape was to protect his life and that of his family, who were under constant death threats.

He also stated that he will not turn himself in to the police, but can present himself under certain conditions, such as the removal of Alexandre Moraes and the elimination of inquiries from Daniel da Silveira, Roberto Jefferson, Sarah Winter and others.

During this Friday morning, representatives of Zé Trovão spoke with President Bolsonaro. According to him, the current president was clear about the positive impacts of the demonstrations on the nation and promised that “in the next fortnight, Brazil will already feel a great difference in the way of our country,” he said.

Zé Trovão showed admiration for the courage shown by Bolsonaro when he released a statement denying the threats he made against the Supreme Court. “This agreement he made was very courageous. He had the courage to negotiate so that the people could have freedom,” he said.