In dispute against Portiolli, Globo sets up ‘planeta’ for Fernanda Gentil’s game · TV News

With an eye on the public at Passa ou Ressa, a dispute led by Celso Portiolli on SBT, Globo invested heavily in the Zig Zag Arena, game show by Fernanda Gentil. This Friday (10), the first images of the new Sunday attraction were revealed, and the size of the studio surprised the public. “Shocked, you built a planet,” opined a netizen identified as Victor on Twitter.

In the video, it is possible to observe a studio with a large evidence arena, with similarities to the aesthetics of a traditional arcade. “A new program is coming for a new Globo weekend. Do you want a tip? Never stop playing,” said the broadcaster’s narrator in the call for the attraction.

“A program only for Proof of the Leader? I was the one who asked for it”, celebrated ex-BBB João Luiz Pedrosa. “It’s so much light that now the power blackout is coming,” provoked Bruno Santos.

As anticipated by TV news, Fernanda Gentil’s new attraction will try to hook the public of the scavenger hunt among celebrities presented weekly by SBT. The new game show has a youth appeal and, in addition to the journalist, are confirmed in the cast Everaldo Marques, Hortência and Marco Luque.

In the dynamics, two teams will face each Sunday in three phases, named Pique-Pega, Mega Ball and Tudo ou Nada. Disputes will also be monitored by professional judges. The Zig Zag Arena is scheduled to debut on October 3rd.

Check out the video and the repercussion: