In just 15 days, Jeep Commander surpasses 7,000 units in pre-sales

In 15 days after its official launch, the Jeep Commander already surprises with its numbers. The largest Jeep SUV ever produced in Brazil beat the seven thousand units sold today (September 10th).

Jeep also celebrates the new sales record in a pre-sale of the brand in the country. It is worth remembering that the commercial action began on August 26, at 1 pm. By the end of the first day, more than 2,800 cars had been sold.

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Commander’s commercial action runs until October 7th and is available for people with disabilities (PwD) on pre-order. The discount percentage for this audience is the same adopted for rural producers and legal entities, ie 8%. Therefore, the SUV can be purchased from R$ 183,990.80 (Limited version), after the discount.

With the full versions, the Jeep Commander has seven seats distributed in three rows – without options – in the Limited and Overland with a 1.3 turboflex engine option, which yields 185 horsepower in ethanol and 180 in gasoline with a torque of 27.5 kgfm in both fuel combined with the automatic transmission of six speeds and 4×2 traction. And 2.0 turbodiesel engine, which has been recalibrated, and now delivers 38 kgfm of torque while maintaining 170 horsepower with nine-speed automatic transmission and 4×4 traction.

Check all general public and pre-sales PwD prices:

*Except for Paraíba and São Paulo due to the higher ICMS rate.

Versionpublic pricePwD price
Limited T270 AT 4×2R$199,990BRL 183,990.80
Overland T270 AT 4×2BRL 219,990BRL 202,390.80
Limited 2.0 Turbodiesel AT 4×4BRL 259,990BRL 239,190.80
Overland 2.0 Turbodiesel AT 4×4BRL 279,990BRL 257,590.80

Photos: Jeep Commander Limted turboflex

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