In the heat of the crowd, Cruzeiro makes a direct confrontation with Ponte for Series B

(Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro)

In a heat of 30°C and with the support of fans in the stands, the cruise faces the black Bridge this Saturday morning, at 11 am, at Arena do Jacar, in Sete Lagoas, for the 23rd round of the series B of the Brazilian Championship. The teams will fight directly for position, as they have 26 and 25 points, with the miners ahead, but both in a critical situation in the classification.

Although the strong temperature accelerates the physical fatigue, the heavenly team clings to the symbolic heat of the public to return to winning the competition after two draws away from home: 0-0 with CRB, in King Pel, in Macei, and 1 1 in front of Gois, in Serrinha, in Goinia. The last triumph had the encouragement of more than 4,000 spectators in Mineiro: 1-0 over Confiana, on August 20, for the 20th round.

“The fans are super important in the games, they give that extra gas and that support during the game. I have no doubts that with the support of the fans, a positive result will come”, said Thiago, who scored the goal from Cruzeiro against Gois. The 20-year-old striker will be kept in position, while Marcelo Moreno, who defended Bolivia in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, will remain in reserve.

The heat that keeps the air dry in Sete Lagoas made it difficult to revitalize the Arena do Jacar lawn, which for a long time hosted amateur games and less appealing professional tournaments, such as Module II of the Minas Gerais Championship. There has been an improvement in the field since the beginning of the work, but below the conditions of Mineiro and Independencia.

“It’s a different grass, a field that is recovering but not ready. But we can’t think about that, but about work, about playing a good game and winning the three points”, pointed out defender Eduardo Brock, who asked for the encouragement of Cruzeiro. “The fans helped us a lot to win the victory (over Confiana, 1-0, in Mineiro). We look forward to the presence of the public supporting us”.

Left-back Matheus Pereira also joined in the chorus so that the Arena do Jacar becomes a melting pot with an audience of between 4 and 5 thousand fans – within the limit of 30% of capacity exceeding 18 thousand seats. “The support of the fans is fundamental for us. Mainly here in the Sete Lagoas field, which is smaller. It will give the impression of a cauldron, sure that it will support us for 90 minutes to come out with three stitches”.

The trend is for Cruzeiro to continue in Sete Lagoas, even with the release of the fans in sporting events in Belo Horizonte. The costs of operating in the city 70 kilometers away from the capital are reduced compared to the Gigante da Pampulha, which even makes it possible to sell tickets at lower prices.

It is worth remembering that the Brazilian Football Confederation and the other Serie B clubs are contrary to Cruzeiro’s “exclusivity” in having fans. There is a motion for the injunction obtained by Fox at the Superior Court of Sports Justice to be overturned.

The Technical Council of Series B decided by majority of votes that the return of the public will take place as soon as at least 80% of the municipalities have received authorization from the health authorities in the confrontation with COVID-19. A new meeting was scheduled for September 17 to re-discuss this agenda.


Fans who have already been vaccinated with two doses (or a single dose, in the case of the Janssen vaccine) will be able to access the Arena do Jacar without the need for testing for COVID-19. Proof of vaccination will be required at the stadium.

Those from Cruzeiro who still have incomplete vaccination will be required to take the test (antigen or PCR) and present it printed at the entrance to the stadium. The exam must be carried out, at most, 72 hours before the date of the game between Cruzeiro and Ponte Preta.


Cruzeiro may have a change to face Ponte Preta, as Vanderlei Luxemburgo liked Wellington Nem’s performance in midfield and praised Claudinho’s entry on the right wing in the draw with Gois. In this way, Giovanni would be the main candidate to leave the team.

Ponte Preta, on the other hand, is missing left-back Rafael Santos, who belongs to Raposa and does not play for contractual reasons, and also forward Rodrigo, diagnosed with virus. Marcelo Hermes and Joo Veras are the replacements. Coach Gilson Kleina is also out, suspended by the third yellow card. Assistants Sandro Forner and Fabiano Xh will lead the team this Saturday.


This Saturday, Cruzeiro and Ponte Preta face off for the 29th time in history. The record is very favorable to the miners: 16 wins, five draws and seven defeats, with 57 goals scored and 26 conceded. In the Series B shift, Raposa won 1-0 at the Moiss Lucarelli stadium, in Campinas, on June 16th. The goal was scored by striker Bruno Jos.



Phbiom; Cceres, Ramon, Eduardo Brock and Matheus Pereira; Adriano, Rmulo and Giovanni (Claudinho); Wellington Nem, Bruno Jos and Thiago

Technician: Vanderlei Luxembourg


Ivan, Felipe Albuquerque, Ednei, Cleylton and Marcelo Hermes; Andr Luiz, Marcos Junior and Fessin; Richard, Moiss and Joo Veras

Technician: Sandro Forner (Gilson Kleina suspended)

Reason: 23rd round of Series B

Stage: Arena do Jacar, in Sete Lagoas

Date: Saturday, September 11, 2021

Time: 11am

referee: Wagner do Nascimento Magalhes (RJ)

Assistants: Carlos Henrique Alves de Lima Filho and Gabriel Conti Viana (RJ)

VAR: Adriano Milczvski (PR)