Influencer Who Did Not Get Vaccinated Against Covid Records Video Before She Dies: ‘Go Get Vaccinated’ | World

American influencer Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller posted a video on the social network TikTok days before she died for Covid-19 asking, from the hospital, that people get vaccinated against the disease.

She had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus because she claimed she wanted to “research more” about immunizers. The video aired on Aug. 15, and Blankenbiller died nine days later, aged 31.

Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller, unvaccinated tiktoker who recorded a video before she died asking people to get vaccinated — Photo: Tiktok/Reprodução

“I’m not anti-vaccine! I just wanted to do more research by myself. I was scared and wanted me and my family to do research at the same time,” said tiktoker in the post recorded from a hospital bed in the United States.

All immunizing agents approved in the USA and Brazil have efficacy and safety attested by scientific studies and approved by regulatory agencies such as Anvisa, in the case of Brazil.

“Don’t wait, go get vaccinated. Because if you get the virus, you won’t end up in the hospital like I do,” Blankenbiller said.

US sees low adherence to vaccines

Relatively empty vaccination post in Birmingham, Alabama, May 2021 — Photo: Jay Reeves/AP Photo

Tiktoker lived in Jacksonville, Florida — a state that has been setting records for Covid-19 cases and deaths attributed to poor adherence to the immunization program.

The United States, which has a huge supply of vaccines against the coronavirus, saw the extremely fast pace of vaccination in the first semester end with the arrival of summer. The drop is attributed to people who do not get vaccinated by choice — the percentage of the population fully vaccinated has stagnated around 55%.

As a result, the US is witnessing a resurgence of Covid-19 epidemics, especially in states with lower vaccination coverage.

Because of this, Joe Biden’s government announced on Thursday the mandatory weekly vaccinations or Covid tests for all companies with more than 100 employees.

Companies must “ensure that their workforce is fully vaccinated or require workers who do not get vaccinated to test negative at least once a week,” the White House said in a statement.