Initial performance tests of Android apps on Windows 11 are encouraging

With the approach of the arrival of the Android subsystem for Windows 11, people started to get anxious and the first performance tests are already popping up on the web. The apps will run inside a Linux-based subsystem, which already exists for Windows 10, adapted to support APK files. As it will work as a kind of emulation, there is always that question: “will it run smooth or will there be compatibility problems”?

Microsoft has not shared any official technical performance information nor has it released tools for initial experiments. However, some users have already managed to get into the subsystem and be able to perform some experiments of benchmark. Twitter user @AlurDesign posted on his official profile the score obtained in preliminary tests:

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The results are quite different from each other: around 820 points for applications running on just one processing core and around 3,000 points for multiple cores. If the result is more like the top, it means that Windows would have a performance equivalent to phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, considered one of the most high-end that ships phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 8, OPPO Find X2 Pro and various 2020 models.

This variation, however, is troubling because it leaves people wondering what to actually expect. The Twitter user didn’t specify the conditions under which he performed the test or his hardware settings, but this may not be as relevant as it is an emulation.

The app’s appearance on the Microsoft Store left fans hopeful (Image: Replay/Microsoft)

The results also cause some awkwardness in certain aspects, such as the fact that devices with 12 processing cores score lower than one with only eight cores — it could be a bug or lack of optimization. For now, the expectation is that the subsystem will be properly built to deliver good performance not only on high-end desktops, but also on notebooks or ultrabooks, with more modest configurations.

It will only be possible to get more concrete details when Microsoft releases the tests for subscribers to the Windows Insiders program. The only certainty is that Android app emulation will not be available in the Windows 11 release, scheduled for October 5th, as already stated by the company.

Source: XDA-Developers

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