Inter launches campaign that exempts monthly fees for new vaccinated members | International

The campaign is titled “Inter chest, arm vaccine” and provides a monthly discount if the fan proves that they have received a dose. The second installment will not be charged if the vaccination schedule is complete — either with a single dose or the two that have already been taken.

Discounts are valid for memberships completed until September 30th. The club has also opened up the possibility for members to register their digital vaccination cards in the Colorado system for when the public is allowed back into the stadiums.

— Our goal is to encourage more and more colorados to get vaccinated. Because, also, it is a security that we will have for when the public returns to the stadium. We are preparing for this, taking all possible precautions, so much so that, since last week, our website has been receiving the registration of digital vaccination cards. The vaccine is essential so that fans can return to attend the Beira-Rio safely and consciously – says Jorge Avancini, vice president of marketing.

The new member must register, choose the modality, and complete the form on the club’s website. After paying the first monthly fee, Colorado can register the national vaccination card and will receive the benefit the following month.