Italo wants perfect year with Olympic gold and WSL double: “I’m 1100%” | surfing world

Italo Ferreira is 3 wins away from completing the “perfect season” of his career. After winning gold in Tokyo, the first Olympic surfing champion is in Trestles, California (USA), to seek the two-time world championship and become the first in history to win the two most important titles in the same year. dispute in surfing.

To get there, the current number 2 ranking will have to compete with 4 other opponents for the position of world number 1 in the WSL Finals. The knockout format competition opened its dispute window this Thursday and will define the 2021 world champion in one day. It is expected that the chosen day will be Monday or Tuesday, with the event starting at 8:00 am (Brasilia time).

Italo Ferreira seeks bi-championship at the WSL Finals — Photo: WSL / Diz

Among the competitors are two other Brazilian surfers: Filipe Toledo (3rd in the ranking) and the leader of the season and two-time world champion, Gabriel Medina. American Conner Coffin (4th) and Australian Morgan Cibilic (5th) are the only ones who can prevent the title of the green-yellow trio. Tatiana Weston-Webb is Brazil’s only female representative.

– I managed to reset things very quickly, so when I won the Olympics, I returned home and started training again for the next challenges. And being here today for me is special. Being able to compete with these guys, on these waves, and have the chance to have a second title, I think it’s something that can add up a lot in this year that could be one of the best of my life. And that’s why I didn’t stop training, why I didn’t stop dedicating myself. And having lived through that moment at the Olympics, which was also special, we had a great moment. Not only there at the medal, but living among the athletes there. And I think it was something special and that I took full advantage of it – said Italo, in an interview with the World League.

Italo Ferreira in action on the waves of Tokyo — Photo: André Durão

As number 2 in the ranking, Italo will have to go through an opponent before he has a chance to face leader Gabriel Medina. This opponent will leave the confrontation between Filipinho and the winner of the duel between Coffin (4th) and Cibilic (5th).

– I think I arrive in a very good position. Second place, with some heats to go to be won, I think it’s something that just motivates me more. There will probably be the two best guys there, so just think about catching the best waves and breaking it, right? I think the work has been done before. Now just choose the best competition day and then yes. So, in the drums, choose the best waves and break, right? There is no doubt that I believe it could be one of my best performances in this championship. If I can get this in shape, I think it will definitely be better.

If he wins their match in the semis, Italo will have to defeat Medina twice to become two-time world champion. The decision of the WSL Finals is the only phase of the competition decided in a series better than 3. Therefore, the native guarantees that he physically arrives for the marathon of heats that he may face in the same day.

– I’m 1100%. I think it’s my best form, it’s the best time, so I’m really well prepared and happy for it. I think it’s just a matter of handing it over into God’s hands and sticking with it. We don’t work for nothing. Now I just go to the water and get what I want.

Italo during training, walking on the rocks of Trestles — Photo: Reproduction Instagram

In preparation for the final day, Italo even tested 16 different boards in one week. According to the forecast, the waves could reach more than 2 meters in height from Monday.