‘It’s not out of this world’

Deolane Bezerra, widow of MC Kevin, showed us Stories that she was in an aesthetic clinic. The lawyer said she had a nymphoplasty, also known as a labiaplasty. Intimate surgery reduces the labia minora.

“Guys, there’s just no before and after photo. But I guarantee you, [fica] ‘little baby,'” joked Deolane in a video posted on Instagram. Then she returned to the topic to encourage other women with low self-esteem.

“Girls, I was reading many messages from you saying that you are very embarrassed, with low self-esteem. Don’t waste time, they will fix your things. If I could, I would make one [cirurgia] per day.”

“And another thing, nymphoplasty is not something out of this world. Women are like that, with the passage of time, they wilt. Let’s fix it, right, to get better. I guarantee you’ll increase your self-esteem a lot”, guaranteed the widow of MC Kevin .

Last week, Deolane Bezerra was criticized for participating in an audience wearing cropped under her gown. One profile went so far as to say that “no idea” was needed when choosing the outfit, which was considered “inadequate”.

The lawyer countered the criticism on Instagram: “An independent woman bothers a lot of people. A woman who doesn’t care about shit bothers a lot more. Then, guys, they’re canceling me because I wore a cropped under my gown,” she began.