Joe Bennett Fired from Marvel Comics after being criticized by former publisher | Pop & Art

Brazilian illustrator Joe Bennett was fired by Marvel’s “Timeless” comic, which will be released in December.

In a statement sent to the Newsarama website, the company stated that it will not work with the Brazilian “in any of Marvel’s future projects”, but did not explain the reason for the decision.

Bennett has collaborated with the editor on different comics over the past 24 years. His most recent work was as an illustrator for the “Immortal Hulk” series.

The announcement comes days after his former colleague in the hero’s series, screenwriter Al Ewing, published on Twitter a series of criticisms of the Brazilian’s attitudes.

Among them, the main one was an illustration published by Bennett in 2017, in which he portrayed the then federal deputy Jair Bolsonaro as a knight and Dilma Rousseff and Lula, among others, as rats.

At the time, the design was criticized because comparing people to rats was a tactic used in Nazi Germany, particularly against Jews.

“I assume they are some kind of political enemy, but even if they aren’t, the archetypes are apparent. Human beings like worms being exterminated,” Ewing wrote on 2 September.

“Even though it is no longer available, the fact that it was designed in the first place, signed and displayed so proudly by Joe speaks for itself. This is not the first problem with Joe that I am aware of.”

Recently, the artist was also criticized for laughing at transphobic comments made on his Instagram illustrations.

In “Timeless”, he will be replaced by Greg Land. The publisher promises that the story, starring the villain Kang the Conqueror, will kick off all its great 2022 sagas.