Juca Kfouri: Palmeiras hasn’t beat Flamengo for 8 games, it’s uncomfortable – 10/09/2021

Palmeiras and Flamengo face off on Sunday, at 4 pm, in a match for the round that opens the second round of the Brazilian Championship, with current leader Atlético-MG facing Fortaleza in the capital of Ceará at the same time. Although without the problems of the red-black team, which should have significant shortages, Abel Ferreira’s team tries to end a fast of eight matches against the opponent with whom it has been rivaling in recent years.

In the podcast Posse de Bola #159, Juca Kfouri considers Palmeiras in a privileged situation in terms of physical conditions and available squad, but points out that the time without winning direct confrontations with Flamengo is a nuisance.

“There are two huge games, with all Brazilian fans, except for Ceará, rooting for Fortaleza not to let Rooster shoot. And Fortaleza’s task against Galo is more difficult than Palmeiras’ task is, Palmeiras will be in a very privileged situation in relation to Flamengo from the physical point of view, from the point of view of what they have at their disposal”, says Juca.

“Let’s remember, there are eight games that Palmeiras don’t beat Flamengo. In these eight games there are four draws, one of them deciding the Super Cup of Brazil, which Flamengo won on penalties. It’s uncomfortable, it’s time for Palmeiras, it’s time for Abel Ferreira once won against Flamengo, something he hasn’t managed so far,” he adds.

On the other hand, in recent clashes with Grêmio de Renato Gaúcho, current coach of Flamengo, Abel Ferreira won, as Mauro Cezar recalled.

“Renato has problems with Portuguese technicians”, concludes Juca.

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