Justice authorizes blocking of Corinthians TV quotas in action of former Dualib controller

Judge Renato Sabino Carvalho Filho, from the 62nd Labor Court of São Paulo, authorized the blocking of R$ 1,720,000.00 from Corinthians’ television quotas. The order, issued on the 6th, was sent to Globo Comunicação e Participações SA, in Rio de Janeiro.

The amount refers to the lawsuit filed and won by Marcos Roberto Fernandes, who worked as the controller of the club in the management of Alberto Dualib, more precisely between August 2000 and March 2007 – Marcos was also financial manager in the last nine months of the relationship .

This is the third attempt to block the ex-controller’s lawyers, who previously sought the pledge of Hypera Pharma’s sponsorship for the acquisition of the stadium’s naming rights (not authorized by the courts) and, more recently, the pledge of the stadium’s current accounts. club (value not found).

Ex-Controller’s Requests

The action began in 2009. Marcos Roberto Fernandes made several requests of a labor nature, such as accumulation of function, overtime, overtime on call (Saturday and Sunday), difference on severance pay, paid weekly rest, in addition to fines, interest and corrections monetary. All with their respective reflexes (13th salary, INSS, vacation plus 1/3, difference in FGTS, etc).

The former employee also claimed compensation for moral damages for having been included in the GAECO (Special Action Group for Combating Organized Crime) investigation in the early 2010s, which resulted in the conviction for embezzlement of Dualib, former president, Nesi Curi , former director, and three other people (Marcos Roberto included). In the petition, the former controller alleges that “he did not have autonomy in the functions because the hierarchical superiors took the club in an iron grip”.

Also part of the claim for compensation for moral damages was the fact that, at the time, the Civil Police discovered hidden cameras in the inner rooms of the administrative sector of Parque São Jorge, placed at the behest of Dualib, without the employees’ consent. Among them, the former controller.

Not all of the above requests were accepted by the courts. Even so, after numerous appeals from both sides, the club’s conviction was in seven figures.

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