know how much BRL 45 million in savings yields

the draw of Mega-Sena contest 2408 on saturday september 11th, you can pay the hefty sum of BRL 45 million. The gambler who manages to hit the six dozen wins the prize and can say goodbye to his job to enjoy life as he’s always dreamed.

With the jackpot, the dream of living off the income of many Brazilians becomes a reality. But how to make these millions multiply?

In the financial market there are several alternatives, such as savings, direct treasury bonds, CDB, investment funds, the stock exchange. There are from conservative alternatives to riskier ones. For those who don’t understand much about investments or are afraid of taking risks, saving ends up being the first option for many people.

The R$ 45 million prize of the Mega-Sena Contest 2408 can yield R$ 135.5 thousand in the first month of investment in Savings and R$ 1.6 million in one year.

According to Rodrigo Beresca, financial solutions analyst at Ativa Investimentos, the profitability of savings is currently 0.30% per month and 3.68% per year. If the lucky one wants to invest in another investment with a conservative profile, another option is the Treasury Selic, which has a rate of 0.43% pm and 5.25% pa

In this case, the Mega-Sena contest 2408 can generate R$192.2 thousand in the first month and R$2.3 million in a year, according to Beresca.

How to bet on Mega-Sena 2408?

To be in with a chance of winning the Mega-Sena draw, bets must be placed by 7 pm on September 8, 2021, at lottery outlets or online (for Caixa account holders). The draw will be at 8 pm and the result you can check here. The games start at R$4.50 and there is no card limit per player, who can choose between 6 and 15 numbers.

The probability of a person winning the Mega-Sena 2408 jackpot by hitting the six tens with the single game is one in over 50 million. But the modality also awards bets that match five and four numbers and, in these ranges, the chance increases to, respectively, 154.5 thousand and 2.3 thousand.

To compete for the prize of Mega-Sena contest 2408, Loterias Caixa has already released the sale of bets in the application and on the website ( In addition, gamblers are also able to play at the lottery houses.

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