Lewandowski takes action on impeachment deadline to plenary

A prominent request presented by Minister Ricardo Lewandowski withdrew from the Virtual Plenary of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) this Friday (10/9) the decision that intended to impose a deadline for the President of the Chamber, Deputy Arthur Lira (PP-AL ), respond to the more than 120 requests for impeachment against President Jair Bolsonaro that were presented to the Casa da Mesa.

Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, of the STF
Nelson Jr./ST

With this, the discussion will be taken to the plenary of the Court, on a date not yet confirmed. The rapporteur of the action, Minister Carmen Lúcia, had already voted against the request, which was presented by deputy Kim Kataguiri (DEM-SP). Carmen argued that if the STF imposed a deadline on the president of the Chamber, this would go against the principle of separation between the Powers.

Minister Lewandowski’s office informed that he took the decision because he understands that the importance of the subject demands a more in-depth analysis in a face-to-face session, and not in a virtual judgment.

In her vote, the minister denied the deputy’s request. “The imposition of a deadline, by the Judiciary Branch, for the performance of the intended act (analysis of the complaints presented to determine the responsibility of the President of the Republic), would tarnish the principle of separation of Powers, guaranteed in article 2 of the Constitution of the Republic,” he said . And he added: “There is no legislative inertia or normative deficiency in the regulation of the constitutional institute of impeachment.”

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