Lima cites changes in Ceará with Tiago Nunes; attacking midfielder has never faced Grêmio

Tiago Nunes used this Friday morning, 10, to lead Ceará’s penultimate training session before the match against Grêmio, which will mark his debut as Grandpa’s coach. In the late afternoon, the Alvinegra delegation will head to Porto Alegre, where they will still do one last job at the International’s CT, on Saturday morning.

After the last job on Ceará soil before boarding, attacking midfielder Lima went to the press conference, ensuring that the nine days of work so far were well used and that the cast managed to assimilate well the new commander’s ideas. “In those days, it’s already been possible to implement well what he wants, it was possible to understand the changes he wants on the field”, he said.

Asked about what fans can expect to see different in grandpa’s style of play, the player cited the taste for ball possession, a more qualified output, but also clarifies that the strengths that the team had when coached by Guto Ferreira remain.

“Tiago likes the ball very much, but he said that we couldn’t lose what was good, which is our strong marking, our transition. He just implemented a few things, leaving the ball, staying with it more. In games then you’ll end up seeing the difference, we had two very important weeks with him to acquire new habits. There were more issues with leaving the ball, having more options for passing, I think it evolved a lot and we hope to do that in the match” , evaluates.

Despite the many tests that the new coach has done in recent days, Lima revealed that he has been training more on the sides, but warned that he was ready with Nunes to play centralized, if the commander needed it. “At the moment I’m training around the edges, one day on the left, another day on the right. In the middle we have Jorginho and Vina, two great players, but if one day he chooses me to play inside, I’m already adapted,” he said.


The game against Immortal, on Sunday, 12, at 11 am, at Arena do Grêmio, will not be special only for Tiago Nunes. Born from the Grêmio base, Lima will face his former club for the first time. Affection aside, the player makes it clear that he is now wearing another shirt and is committed to bringing three points to Porangabuçu.

“The first time I’m going to face (Grémio), the other times I didn’t have the opportunity due to a contract and in the first round I was coming back from injury, so it’s special. I’ll meet my old friends, returning to the Arena is always very good , so it’s a great emotion, but today I’m defending Ceará and I’m going to do my best to win the victory,” he warns.

After using most of the period he had without games to implement his style of play, Tiago Nunes began to focus on Grêmio in training this morning, showing the exploitable points of the team from Rio Grande do Sul. In Porto Alegre, Nunes will finalize the strategy to face the opponent.

“We’ve already seen in the video some mistakes they have. Tiago has already given us some individual markings that they make, so we’re very capable of what we’re going to do in the match. He (the coach) made their weaknesses clear. today and tomorrow (Saturday) the teacher will go over a few more things, so we’re very calm to go there and get the three points,” concluded Lima.

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