Live at “Estúdio I”, Maria Beltrão is caught with a cell phone and has the BEST reaction when telling what she was watching: “You won’t believe it”

Ok, ok, you were caught in the act, Maria Beltrão! Kkkkk In addition to being one of the best journalists in the country, the presenter of “Estúdio I“, on GloboNews, renders the most fun spontaneous moments in the news. This Friday (10), it was no different! Beltrão was entertained by a video on her cell phone and ended up appearing on the air in a very unpretentious way…

On her way back from the break, the journalist was caught 100% attentive on her cell phone screen — the opposite of what we are used to seeing every day, when she appears impeccable, always with an erect posture. But the best thing was Maria Beltrão’s reaction when told that she was live. In a matter of seconds, she straightened in her chair, and with her usual good humor told her what she was watching that had so fascinated her.

“Hi? Hi, sorry guys! Are we on the air?”asked Beltrão to confirm if he had really taken that slip. “You won’t believe it. We were talking about Brigadier and I’m seeing the story. Do you believe that the great-grandmother of the (journalist) Christiane Pelajo who invented the brigadier?”, revealed the presenter, excited with the information. “In the campaign [eleitoral] of 1945″, added economist Daniel Sousa, who was also accompanying the video.

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Then Maria Beltrão gave other interesting information about the brigadeiro’s history, blew Christiane Pelajo a kiss and delivered: “Guys, I didn’t realize it was in the air. I’m glad I’m a person who only does amazing and uplifting things. What a scare this commercial comeback!”. Later, on her Twitter account, she reacted to the video of the moment. “I was in Narnia!”, joked the journalist, referring to her lack of attention at the time.

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Internet users, of course, loved this “people like us” moment more. “I had a fit of laughter at ‘assorted sweets and other treats'”, wrote Luciano Figueiredo. “Drafted from the letter!”, said the singer Teresa Cristina. “It’s for moments like this, and your @beltraomaria resourcefulness that I watch @estudioi”, added Marina Rebelo. “Impressive the elegance with which you got out of a situation like this! An ordinary being would crash”, pointed to another profile. “How not to love this woman?! I love it too much, I watch it practically every day from here in NY. Your positioning enchants me, but these moments are unique… You are awesome!”, shared Christiano Sodré.