LoL: Rioter says Vex’s initial concept “would cost several years of the visual effects budget”

Vex will come to League of Legends as a playable champion soon. In the most recent edition of the column Champion Analysis, Rioter Erika “Cashmiir” Haas explained several of the initial concepts that Riot Games had planned for Melancholista. According to her, some of the developer’s ideas involved giant hands, portals and more.

teenage anguish

According to Cashmiir, most of the yordles are very inspiring, like Poppy, a heroine known for her humility, but Riot wanted the new character of this type to generate a feeling of identification with the players.

“I came of age in the 1990s, and Vex is not that different from any apathetic, disinterested young woman back then. Nothing is good enough for her. I really wanted people with a history of depression to see themselves at Vex. To throw the first stone for those who never wanted to be stuck in bed all day doing nothing. But with Vex, the feeling we try to convey is the indifference and anguish of adolescence, not total depression,” said lead story writer John “JohnODyin” O’Bryan.

According to the post, “teenage angst is a pretty universal feeling, and it seemed like a unique personality trait for a yordle Champion,” but still the character couldn’t seem limited. So they decided to make sure she wasn’t just melancholy and apathetic.

Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction - League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction
Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction - League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction

from giant hands to shadow

Before the concept of the Shadow of Vex emerged, the champion was imagined with giant hands.

“The image of two giant hands limits what they can symbolize in animations and in the game. Generally, we associate hands with the act of grabbing, controlling and manipulating. It would be a risky path, as it did not convey the idea of ​​how the game mechanics should be of a wizard. So it wouldn’t do for Vex. So we had to find a new way for her to vent her emotions,” said Gem “Lonewingy” Lim.

With the idea of ​​hands out of the picture, Vex was thought of alongside “macabre magic bunnies”, as if they were her pets. But when Vex’s kit changed from artillery mage to control mage, the champion’s appearance also changed and the Shadow emerged.

Before being empowered by the Black Mist, the Shadow was just Vex’s tool, used to do tasks she didn’t want to do. And yet, the Shadow was hardly the champion’s final concept, because her look made her difficult to understand and identify in-game.

“It was hard to tell if Vex was facing or backwards because of the Shadow’s clothes and darkness,” he continues. “It was such a headache, because it created a lot of technical hurdles. We didn’t have the technology to handle a dynamic shadow, and the engineering team worked hard to make Sombra pass the impression of being an active part of Vex and LoL .”

Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction - League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction

How did Vex become a classic mage?

Designed by Natha “Lutzburg” Lutz, Vex’s original gameplay mechanics envisioned her to be an artillery mage, who could create portals that increased the distance reached by allied projectiles.

“Basically, it would be like Miss Fortune’s ults reached double the distance or Blitzcrank’s tugs appeared out of nowhere, plus other pretty scary but very exciting experiences like these. visuals”.

According to Cashmiir, this project was unfeasible because all of LoL’s projectile abilities would need to be completely redone with updated visuals just so they could interact with Vex’s kit.

Thus, this idea was discarded and Vex’s personality returned to influence the project. The champion doesn’t like agitated things and advances, so she gets annoyed with whoever comes close to her.

Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction - League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction

“In some situations, Vex’s next basic skill causes Fear and interrupts advances. And whenever an enemy advances next to her, he’s marked with Darkness, and the next basic attack, the Q or W, deals additional damage and restores Dread Cooldown. Basically, the more the enemy uses the advance, the more damage it deals and interrupts this ability.

As her new kit is only interesting when the others are close, Lutzburg and I had to reduce Vex’s reach. So, the feeling is that it becomes more powerful when enemies are close. Therefore, she could no longer be an artillery mage. After all, if a Champion with Xerath’s reach is good against fighters who dive, he won’t have any weaknesses, and that doesn’t work well in the realm of game design,” said game design manager, Bryan “Riot Axes” Salvatore.”

In this way, Vex’s ult was built as his alter ego. It is an advance that has zero cooldown when shooting down enemies. Showing great mobility and power, she generates excitement and embarrasses Vex, as she doesn’t like agitation.

“Vex’s ult is the Shadow, her expressive side, which takes over for a little while. It all fits together perfectly, and it’s pretty easy to understand: enemies who use the advance near her make her angry, which strengthens her to deal more damage. If they try to escape, she can turn the tables and use the advance against them. So she continues to take revenge until the enemy’s death for being disturbed.”

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