“Lucifer”: 10 cool facts that happen in season 6

The sixth season of “Lucifer” is finally airing on Netflix and fans are ready to bid farewell to their favorite demon. For many years, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) managed to captivate people’s minds and made us believe that even the devil can have some morality and feelings. With that, the creators thought of ending the show on time and giving the admirers what they wanted. O Purebreak gathered 10 cool things that happen for the last part of the series.

Lucifer doesn’t feel ready to be God

Right off the bat, the first episode had mystery, magic and an intriguing murder case that shows Tom Ellis in all his glory. However, Lucifer does not see himself ready to be a God because he wants to live with Chloe. But a conversation with Lopez (Aimee Garcia) is enlightening and makes him realize that the world definitely needs a commander.

Lopez finds love?

To be a worthy God, Lucifer realizes he has to help someone he doesn’t care about. So the devil tries to support Carol Corbett (Scott Porter), an LAPD detective who likes to lopez, but is afraid to confess.

Lucifer and Chloe become cartoons

By the third episode, Lucifer and Chloe end up becoming cartoons when they go on a mission, causing them to go into a loop that gives us a lot of surprises.

Lucifer and Chloe have a daughter

The last season of the series brought rory, a teenage angel who appears seeking revenge against the Devil. The big twist, however, is the revelation that the girl is actually the daughter of Lucifer and Chloe (Lauren German) who traveled back in time to kill her father.

Chloe is corrupted by power

Lucifer realizes that something is wrong with Chloe when he says he needs to take Azrael’s blade back to heaven. He says that she will lose all the super strength that is being provided by the necklace of amenadiel. She doesn’t like it and confesses that she actually planted the idea that Rory killed him so the blade would stay here.

Mazikeen and Eva are getting married

One of the episodes gives us the happy news that mazikeen and Eve they are finally getting married and throwing a big party for their loved ones.

Lopez discovers the truth about celestial beings

In the series, some people know about the true identity of Lucifer Morningstar, Amenadiel and Mazikeen. However, one of the crucial members of the team, Lopez (Aimee Garcia), happens to be one of those who does not know the reality of these celestial beings who live among humans and take care of everything.

But at Mazikeen’s wedding party, she surprises by getting drunk and telling everyone the truth. She knows that Lucifer is a real demon, while Amenadiel is an angel and Maze is a devil.

Lucifer and Chloe will duel

Lucifer is shocked to learn that Chloe made him believe that his daughter killed her father. The ex-detective’s expression changes and she is adamant that she wants to have the dagger with her. From there, the couple begins to duel with the right to punches and shoves.

When the fight sequence comes to an end, Chloe is seen taking the dagger and is very close to being the Lucifer assassin. He laughs and says, “So this is how I die.” Chloe is shocked to learn this and throws the dagger away. The dagger and super-strength manipulated her for the worse and she became truly addicted to power. WL!

Linda writes book about Lucifer

For the last season of the series, we also learn that Linda (Rachael Harris) is writing a book about Lucifer, drawing inspiration from observations made during the sessions.

Lucifer is vulnerable again

By the end of the plot, Rory ends up shooting Lucifer and he shows all his vulnerability to her, which had only happened before with his great love, Decker. The Devil’s daughter is saddened by the fact.

Lucifer tells her that he’s updated the vulnerability to prove a point, realizing he’s ready to become a god and his wings are back to work again. The episode was all about how the family finally gets together.