Lula says that ‘as head of state’ he is pro-abortion: ‘Women’s rights’

Former President Lula (PT) claimed to have two positions when it comes to abortion. Personally, the PT said he is against it, but “as head of state” he believes it is a matter of public health and a woman’s right.

In an interview with the Mano a Mano podcast, by rapper Mano Brown, the former president said that when you are governing a country, individual opinion should not matter. “I’m Catholic as a human being, but when you become head of state it has to be all religions. You don’t have to have preference as head of state. It’s like abortion,” he said.

“I’m not ashamed to say that I, Lula, father of 5, am against abortion. But, as head of state, I have to treat the matter as public health,” he explained. For him, the subject “is a woman’s right” and, therefore, it is necessary to guarantee access, safety and dignity by the health system in Brazil.

Termination of pregnancy in Brazil is allowed only in specific cases, such as a risk to the mother’s health, in cases of an anencephalic fetus (problems in the development of the skull or brain) or when the pregnancy is the result of sexual abuse. Argentina and Mexico recently decriminalized the act and addressed the issue in terms of public health.

Lula said that the greater inclusion of women in politics is something positive, but he emphasized the work to be done. “Things are advancing, but it is still difficult to mess with the culture. What was the culture? I can speak because I am older, my culture before the PT and the CUT (Single Workers Center) was sexist, as a factory worker “, remembered.

According to the former president, the affiliation made him and his wife, Marisa Letícia, learn about other topics. “Political training makes people grow,” he said.

In this sense, another positive aspect that Lula has observed is the greater politicization of people, especially the younger generations, who are better prepared to discuss political agendas.