Man tragically dies trying to make payment at Mc Donald’s drive-thru

Can you imagine going through a drive-thru to buy a simple snack and end up being the victim of a fatal accident? That’s what happened to a man at a McDonald’s unit in Vancouver, Canada.

The case, which is going viral around the world and was reported by the newspaper The Mirror, took place on Wednesday (08), around 5am.

What is known so far is that the customer was close to paying for the order when he would have dropped the card. He then climbed out of the car to pick up the object, but was hit by the vehicle itself and was trapped.

According to police officer Tania Visintin, who attended the incident, he received all the first aid, but the situation was very critical and the death was confirmed. The entire scene was witnessed by employees and the family, who were in the car.

“This is an absolutely painful scenario. People are not used to seeing this type of incident happen, especially in their workplace. I would say that everyone is shaken,” said Tania.

The case is being investigated by local authorities, who are looking for security cameras and more witnesses to clarify exactly how it all happened.