Marvel dismisses Brazilian illustrator after creating pre-Bolsonaro

Joe Bennett (photo: Disclosure)

According to the exclusive report of the Comic Book Resources, Marvel Comics removed Joe Bennett of the creative team of one-shot Timeless. Furthermore, the Brazilian artist is also not involved in any other project by the publisher.

According to the website Games Radar, Marvel has not officially revealed the reasons for Bennett’s resignation. However, it is quite likely that it involves the controversies in which the illustrator has been involved over the last few years. In 2017, Bennett shared an art that brings Jair Bolsonaro, current president of Brazil, beheading his political opponents.

Also, the designer was cut from the projects, after the American screenwriter Al Ewing, author of the stories of Hulk illustrated by Bennett, register in twitter his repudiation of offensive drawings from Pará that once again circulated on social networks.

Joe Bennett um apoiador do Jair Bolsonaro (foto: Reproduo/Twitter)

At the twitter, Ewing reacted: “Immortal Hulk is gone, but I will not work with Joe again. If people choose not to read my work with other artists in the future because of this, I will understand and accept. If I lost their confidence, it’s my fault.”

Also according to the website, Bennett celebrated the attack that the journalist Glenn Greenwald suffered from the presenter Augusto Nunes at Young pan. As early as 2021, one of his illustrations in the immortal hulk she was accused of anti-Semitism in portraying Jews in a stereotypical way. The designer also laughed at transphobic comment of a fan in an art of Hulk Woman.

Al Ewing’s publications were released days after Marvel announced Joe Bennett on the creative team at HQ Timeless. Now, the publisher has revealed that he is out of the project and will not work with him “on any future project”.