Marvel fires Brazilian illustrator who did work in support of Bolsonaro

Drawing made by Joe Bennett in 2017 is back on the internet now; company did not confirm the reason

Marvel Comics has announced the resignation of comic artist Joe Bennett, who worked on the comic books (comics) for “The Immortal Hulk”. The information was confirmed by a spokesman for the publisher to the portal specialized in comics Newsarama.

Joe Bennett is the pseudonym of Brazilian illustrator Benedito José Nascimento, who has worked for the company since 1994. The reason for his dismissal was not informed.

On Sept. 2, a former co-worker, screenwriter Al Ewing, stated on Twitter that he would no longer work with Bennett.

According to Ewing, the decision was taken after a drawing created by the Brazilian in 2017 returned to circulation on the internet. The art depicts a knight in golden armor, sword in hand, preparing to decapitate political figures such as Lula, Dilma and Michel Temer.

Photo: Reproduction

The image of the knight was associated with President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) due to the caption: “Force my captain! Brazil needs you!”

“I assume these are political enemies in some way […] Even if that is no longer the case, the fact that this was designed, signed and displayed so proudly by Joe speaks volumes,” says Ewing of the representations in the illustration.