Masters Berlin | Havan Liberty debuts with defeat; check the results of the day

the first day of VALORANT Masters Berlin happened this Friday (10) and began with the confrontation between ACEND and SuperMassive Blaze. The games in sequence were G2 and F4Q, then the most anticipated by Brazilians: Havan Liberty vs 100 Thieves. Below is a summary of the first day of the Riot Games World Cup.

LIGHT vs SuperMassive Blaze

The first map in the game was chosen by ACEND, which selected the Bind and secured a 13v5 against SuperMassive Blaze. And even in SMB’s turn, ACEND took the second map 13×9, opening the first day of the tournament with a 2×0 victory.

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G2 vs F4Q

The main clash of the day was between the European team G2 against the South Korean team F4Q. The victory in Ascent, the Europeans’ choice map, was 13×5, with the highlight being the 11×1 made by G2 on the attacking side of the map, with great domination by the team. By 13×9 at Bind, F4Q took the game to the tiebreaker at Haven, where G2 secured the victory 13×9. G2 won the showdown of the series by 2×1.

100 Thieves vs Havan Liberty

In the most anticipated game by the Brazilians who are watching the Masters, the team from Brazil Havan Liberty played against the Americans from 100 Thieves. The first match took place at Ascent, with the Brazilians trampling the opening two rounds.

However, Havan did not guarantee the victory, even losing a few rounds for small details within the game. On the 100 Thieves map of choice, the Americans won 13-3. On the second map, Icebox, they finished 2×0 in the series, winning 13-6.

Liberty returns to play on September 14, on Tuesday, against the loser of Crazy Racoon and Gambit. Tomorrow, Vivo Keyd will debut against Envy, at 4pm Brasília time.

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