Matrix 4: synopsis suggests previous sequences are not canonical

Scheduled for release in December this year, the feature Matrix Resurrections had its first official trailer released this Thursday (9). In addition, fans of the franchise could check a little more about the synopsis of the film developed by the Wachowski sisters, noting that, through it, the sequences released in 2003 are no longer canonical.

After the success of matrix, which originally debuted in theaters in 1999, the filmmakers pored over two sequels. Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, however, were not so well received by spectators, although they earned a lot at the box office. The sequences, for a long time, were severely criticized by moviegoers, especially for the change in the narrative tone.

Despite this, expectations for the release of Matrix 4 are grandiose, considering that it’s been around 18 years since the last feature film was released. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss officially return as Neo and Trinity, respectively, in an intriguing new adventure.

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Check out the official synopsis released recently:

“In Matrix Resurrections audiences will see a direct sequel to the story presented in the first film. A mind-blowing new adventure with action on an epic scale, set in a very familiar world, will be seen, but with an even more provocative plot, in which everything that is necessary for the truth to come out is linked to freeing your own mind”.

Matrix 4: what to expect from the new feature of the franchise?

Since it was announced, the Wachowski sisters’ film has had an astronomical impact on social media.

In addition to its good intentions and eye-catching visuals, the project can literally be a way to bring to the public a story with the same narrative power as the franchise’s beginnings. From now on, the big question is to know how the production will fit chronologically into the previously established dramatic arc.

That way, viewers can only wait for more details related to the film, as well as getting even more anxious for the December 2021 premiere. Don’t miss it!