Mirella Santos criticizes Nadja Pessoa’s stance

Mirella Santos has a lot to celebrate. One of the “Gêmeas Lacração” defeated Nadja Pessoa as the public’s favorite and won the R$ 250,000 prize in the final of “Ilha Record” shown yesterday. “I felt very happy, loved, welcomed by everyone. A unique feeling”, celebrates Mirella, in a chat with UOL.

In addition to suffering from the distance from her family, loved ones and friends, Mirella also saw her trajectory in the reality show being marked by very complicated moments, especially in the coexistence with other participants such as Nadja herself.

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Nadja Pessoa and Mirella Santos at Ilha Record

Image: Playback/RecordTV

on the warpath

The two had an ugly discussion within the program and returned to exchange barbs out here, through social networks. Nadja accused Mirella of teasing her during the reality show, even throwing her food into the water, in scenes not shown on TV. Mirella denies and complains about Nadja’s attitude, despite wanting to put an end to the crap. She also said she is blocked on Nadja’s social media.

She felt threatened because she saw that the public welcomed me. I had to defend myself. Was everything lie what she said about me. Out here, I want peace. I won’t care about things Nadja talks about me, she adds to things. She must improve this posture. Sometimes we make up a lie that the internet believes and massacres someone. I don’t think the character her one of the best after that. I’m not angry, I’m not angry. For me, I’ll delete everything that happened and it’ll be fine. Mirella

next plans

The reaction on social media during the airing of the reality show also made Mirella move away from the internet. “When the fights started to pass, many fans of other participants attacked me. I was not used to being cursed. Reviewing some things I experienced was very bad. I was sad with the judgment,” he admits.

Now, with R$ 250,000 in her hands, she just wants to know how to take advantage of her husband, surfer Gabriel Farias, whom she married last week, and focus on her YouTube channel and new songs in partnership with MC Loma. Another reality show? “Only if I’m fine, I want to have a clear head to take advantage of the opportunity”, he suggests.