Mirella Santos wants to be a millionaire and discards friendship with Nadja Pessoa

THE Mirella Santos from Pernambuco, 22, arrived at Ilha Record TV without being as well known by the general public as the other participants. She is part of her cousin’s group, MC Loma and As Gêmeas Lacração, along with her twin sister Mariilly Santos. In a short time, she became one of the protagonists of the edition with her shy way and won the affection of fans of the first edition of the reality.

Result: Mirella was chosen by the public, through a popular vote in the grand final, and took home the R$ 250,000 prize in a dispute with the well-known Nadja Pessoa, former participant of A Fazenda. Mirella got 79.33% of viewers’ votes, while Nadja got only 20.67% of votes.

in interview exclusive to IN OFF, Mirella told how it was to have received the award from the hands of the people among so many names in the media for a long time. “I was very nervous, not only because of this competition with Nadja, but with Laura Keller, who is very well known, Lucas Selfie, Negão from BL and Valesca Popozuda. Damn it, I was like, ‘Oh my God, they’re all here and whatever God wants. I was very nervous. Anxiety and fear hit me. Everything worked”, she said.

Sabrina Sato announced the result praising Mirella as the main protagonist of the season. “The public’s favorite, chosen through R7, which was the main protagonist of the season. It was you… Mirella Santos”, she said. Screaming and emotional, the champion celebrated and thanked. “Thank you, my people! Thanks! I’m very happy, everyone is voting from dawn to morning for me. Mother must be very happy! Ma’am, I’m rich!”.

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The award fit like a glove in the hands of Mirella, who recently married surfer Gabriel Farias. She revealed what she intends to do with the jackpot. “I intend to save and God willing, work hard to multiply this money. And in the future, I will have enough to be rich and a millionaire”. she said with laughter. Mirella and Nadja played a lot of bullshit while they were confined. But is it that outside of reality, she wants to approach the second place?. “I don’t intend to bond with her. But I don’t hold hatred and resentment”, ends.


Mirella Santos became known in 2018 for starring alongside MC Loma and her sister in the video for the song “Engagement”, which had humor as its main characteristic. At the time, the song reached the number one spot on Spotify among the 50 viral in the world.

Today it accumulates more than 290 million views on YouTube. The singer Anitta liked the trio so much that she invited them to São Paulo to perform in her traditional carnival block, Bloco da Anitta, formerly Bloco das Poderosas.

The Ilha Record final took place last Thursday night (9) and had Any Borges as the champion of the main prize of R$ 500 thousand, which was given to the participant with the most victories in the challenges, tests and dynamics held while the calls were made. explorers were confined under the command of presenter Sabrina Santo. Anny got the better of and beat strategist Pyong Lee, given as the supposed winner for the way he handled the game.

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