MTur denies cruise season cancellation

Disclosure/ Pier Mauá

The Ministry of Tourism published a note refuting news from some press organizations about the cancellation, by Anvisa, of the 2021/2022 cruise season. Anvisa actually published a technical note saying that nothing changes in relation to the note from April last year, when it did not recommend the cruise operation. In other words, a recommendation from months ago. Anvisa, as found by the Portal PANROTAS, does not have the function of prohibiting or releasing cruises, but of advising the competent government ministries.

Anvisa itself acknowledges this, in a note sent to Portal PANROTAS: “Anvisa, however, clarifies that, pursuant to Law 13.979, of February 6, 2020, which provides for actions to fight the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, measures exceptional and temporary restriction of highways, ports or airports are the joint competence of the State Ministers of Health, Justice and Public Security and Infrastructure.

We reinforce that Anvisa’s position stands as an organ of advisory nature to the ministries involved.”

Some media outlets, not knowing this and not listening to the cruise industry, ended up publishing the news in the wrong way.

See below the note from the Ministry of Tourism:

“In view of recent news published by some press agencies, the Ministry of Tourism emphasizes that, so far, there is no news or updates regarding the authorization of the next cruise season in Brazil.

We emphasize that we continue to work on the procedures and negotiations to make the cruise season in Brazil feasible. The matter has been debated with other ministries such as Health, Justice and Infrastructure, as well as other bodies and authorities, such as Anvisa and the Cruises sector, and there are meetings scheduled over the next few days for discussion and adaptations of the robust security protocols presented by the sector, confident that this important economic activity can return safely in Brazil.

According to information gathered by Pasta, these same safety procedures have been successfully implemented in more than 50 countries, where more than 1.5 million people have already returned to surfing.

It is worth noting that the cruise industry is vital for national and global economic recovery. It is estimated that this year’s season will generate an impact of BRL 2.5 billion on the national economy – in 2019/2020 it was BRL 2.24 billion – in addition to the generation of 35 thousand jobs – in 2019/2020 there were 33,745 .”

According to Portal PANROTAS journalists, next week’s meeting will be decisive for defining the approval of the next season. After that, the companies and Clia Brasil need to define the protocols with advice from Anvisa.