“My victory will be marked in the history of Ilha Record”, says Any Borges – RecordTV

Any Borges is the great champion of Island Record. To celebrate, the DJ participated in a special live, led by Sabrina Sato. Mirella Gêmea Lacração, the winner of the R$ 250,000 prize, was also present in the chat.


Early in the conversation, Sabrina questioned the pair about what they were going to do with the money.

“One part I’m going to invest and the other part in an apartment for my parents in Rio de Janeiro. Son, you’re going to live with Mom,” said Any, moved.

Mirella, newly married, has not yet made plans: “I think I’ll save. I’ll work hard and multiply.”

In the game, gameplay strategies were key, but Any and Mirella proved that it’s also possible to follow your heart.

“I lacked strategy, but I went to be me”, declared Mirella.

Any complemented her friend’s speech: “Our strategy was to be ourselves”.

Very happy with the result of the competition, Any spoke about the feeling of being the champion of the reality show.

“My victory will be marked in the history of the Island. It’s the first season of a reality show with a format different from anything else. It’s an honor”, he revealed.

In Vila and Exílio, Any and Mirella were the target of much criticism for preferring to act with emotion. “We were so underestimated that we ourselves began to believe we weren’t capable,” said the champion.

Proudly, Mirella replied: “I thought I was terrible at exams, but I proved otherwise.”

The champion also stated that in the Island Record had the opportunity to show his fighting side. The Gêmea Lacração, on the other hand, took advantage of the moment to play a joke. “I’m rich, married and positive,” Mirella said in a good mood.

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