NASA records the closest asteroid to Earth in the year

Identified as 2021 RS2, comet fragment was discovered a few hours before passing a distance of 15,000 kilometers from the planet

Tony Dunn/Twitter/Gif PlaybackSimulation shows distance of asteroid that passed close to Earth

The United States Space Agency (Nasa) recorded last Wednesday, the 8th, the asteroid passing closest to the Earth throughout the year 2021. Called 2021 RS2, the comet fragment was considered “small” by experts and was discovered when it was in the Arizona region, in U.S, still on the 7th. The point closest to it in relation to Earth, however, was recorded when the asteroid was over the Japan at a distance of 15,300 kilometers and at a speed of 63,000 km/h of the planet. According to experts, the distance from the comet fragment was slightly greater than the diameter of Earth and if it had been a little closer, the asteroid could have disintegrated in the atmosphere without posing any threat. So far, the closest asteroid to pass Earth in 2021 has been CZ3, recorded on February 9, 2021. See below for simulation of the 2021 RS2 pass.