Neither Marcos Mion nor Ana Clara, according to profile, Evaristo Costa is Globo’s favorite, but he divides opinions, check it out.

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the profile of Instagram Tretei Famous made a post today (11) that left his followers stranded, the news is that Evaristo Costa is Globo’s favorite to present the BBB. With that, neither Marcos Mion, nor Ana Clara, raised all the time as the future BBB presenters enter the question.

Of course the news about Evaristo Costa being the new BBB presenter has everyone on their toes and caused a stir in the opinion of the profile’s followers, as many still hope that Marcos Mion take on the reality. Others still root for Ana Clara, which grew a lot at the station ahead of Multishow and GloboPlay.

“I loved it, I love how to present it and it’s still beautiful”, commented a follower of the Tretei Famosos Instagram profile. “Oxee. Nothing to see 😒. Didn’t I say he had left Globo?”, said another internet user. With that, the opinions about Evaristo Costa assume the BBB were well divided, check out more on Instagram:

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Tiago Leifert makes the public sad with the decision

The announcement made by James Leifert leaving Globo for good left his fans and admirers sad, as he became a great presenter and always stands out in any endeavor at the channel.

However, some news has been circulating that James Leifert will present a new program on Globo, as told by the former presenter of A Fazenda, Britto Júnior: “
Tiago Leifert is preparing a new program on Globo”, he even recorded a video on the subject, and also had the support of his followers: “Brito, I’m thinking the same thing. If I don’t think so, I’m SURE about that, just don’t see who doesn’t want to be in the face of it”, check:

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