New generation of Subaru WRX continues to follow the established formula

The Japanese have reserved 2021 to launch sports cars. Today (10) it was Subaru’s turn to officially present the new generation of the WRX. The midsize sports sedan was presented in two models, the stronger STi version will take a little longer to show.

The WRX has migrated to Subaru’s new global platform, which features 28% greater torsional rigidity than the previous generation and a lower center of gravity. The 2.4 engine is from the same FB family as the 2.0 used in the previous WRX.


The power gain was just 3 hp, rising to 274 hp at 5,600 rpm. The torque of 35.6 kgfm is the same as the old 2.0, but now appears in a wider range, from 2000 to 5200 rpm. The six-speed manual gearbox is standard, as an option is the CVT box with eight simulated gears with paddle shifters.

Further refinement on Subaru WRX

As the Subaru WRX has a proposal to serve as a practical mid-size sedan in the day-to-day and a sports sedan on the weekends, Subaru adopted electronic shock absorbers in the top-of-the-line GT model. Driving modes can now make the sports car more comfortable.

The car’s chassis received special attention. The suspension now has a longer travel, improving performance on dirt roads and uneven surfaces. The rear stabilizer bar is now fixed directly to the unit, not to the sub-frame.

Electric steering assistance uses a new system where the weight-relieving electric motor is separated from the steering column. According to Subaru, this improves steering response and feeling, which are two common criticisms of electric-assisted steering.

The civilized part of the WRX

The new interior is a revolution when compared to the older generation. The panel has gained more modern lines and is highlighted by the large vertical screen that controls the multimedia center and air conditioning controls, among other functions of the car.

The 11.6-inch screen dubbed the Starlink is shared with the Legacy, Outback and Ascent. This screen features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. To facilitate access, there are physical buttons for sound volume and for the main air conditioning controls.

The WRX features an electronic parking brake when equipped with the CVT transmission. Ramp Match Assist is available with both transmissions, as has been tradition at Subaru since the 1980s.

Sales of the new generation of Subaru WRX will only start in 2022, until then the STi version should be presented. For the strongest model, the expectation is that the 2.4 turbo engine will produce between 350 and 400 hp. If CAOA keeps importing the brand’s cars, the chances of this new generation of the WRX arriving in Brazil are high.

Photos: Subaru | Disclosure