Nine suspected cases of ‘black urine disease’ are investigated in Ceará – Metro

The State Health Department (Sesa) investigates nine suspected cases of Haff Syndrome, known as ‘black urine disease‘, In Ceara. The episodes were reported until August 21 of this year. The disease is mainly caused by the fish and shellfish intake.

The contaminated food samples were sent for toxin research. Sesa is awaiting laboratory confirmation.

Until the beginning of August, two cases were monitored.


According to Sesa, four men and five women, with an average age of 51 years, were infected.

The signs and symptoms reported were: sudden onset myalgia in the cervical region (neck, trapezius, back) was mentioned by four people; lower and upper limb myalgia was reported by all; dark urine was also reported by all; arthralgia was cited by four and fever by one.

What is ‘black urine disease’

With causes still little known, the Haff Syndrome is characterized by an unexplained rhabdomyolysis syndrome (rupture of muscle cells). This predisposes to sudden occurrence of extreme pain and muscle stiffness.

Those affected by the disease may experience intense muscle pain, mainly affecting the cervical region, lower and upper limbs.

Other symptoms are:

  1. dark urine;
  2. Shortness of breathe;
  3. Numbness;
  4. Loss of strength in the body.

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