ONS sees more rain in hydroelectric plants in the South/Southeast and increases load forecast | Economy

The National Electric System Operator (ONS) raised its rainfall forecast for the main area of ​​hydroelectric generation in the country, Southeast/Midwest, in September, in addition to projecting now an advance of 0.4% of the load for the month, against an earlier estimate of a 0.2% decline.

Amid the worst wet season in hydroelectric plants in more than 90 years, the ONS weekly rain bulletin pointed out that rainfall for hydroelectric plants in the Southeast/Midwest is now estimated at 59% of the historical average, compared to 56% in the projection of the last week.

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For the South, the ONS now projects rainfall at 76% of the historical average for hydroelectric plants in September, compared to 54% in the previous week’s projection.

The ONS also projected rainfall at 46% of the historical average for hydroelectric plants in the Northeast in September, stable compared to the projection of the previous week, while for the hydroelectric plants in the North the projection rose to 77%, compared to 74% in the projection of the previous week.

The day before, the federal government published a note maintaining a view of the scenario of attention to hydroelectric generation, with a projection of few relevant rains in the coming months. At the time, it approved the execution of a simplified competitive procedure for contracting Capacity Reserves in the Southeast/Midwest and South subsystems, with supply to be started in 2022 until 2025.