‘Owing’ Rezende, Virginia buys a pen worth more than R$7,000

Virginia Fonseca once again caused controversy on the internet. The influencer posted stories telling about a new acquisition: a pen to sign contracts. However, what really surprised was the amount paid for the item: the trifle of R$ 7,700. As soon as she posted pictures of the brand’s pen Mont Blanc, Internet users were after the value and were surprised.

the story posted by Virgínia with the print of the Mont Blanc store, the pen and its price soon went viral. Internet users even remembered other items recently purchased by the young woman, such as a Gucci sock for daughter Maria Alice, of 3 months, in the amount of R$ 500, generating many comments on social networks.

However, what really drew attention this week was the news that Rezende, ex-boyfriend and ex-manager at Virginia career, decided to file a lawsuit against the influencer for R$ 20 million for not receiving commissions at the time the influencer was managed by the YouTuber company.

Virginia also filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend and owner of the ADR agency, who was responsible for the young influencer’s career. In the lawsuit, she asks for the fine for early termination of the contract and also asks that the employment relationship between her and the company be recognized to be paid, vacations, FGTS, severance pay, among others.

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Prior to these facts, the ADR tried to reach an agreement with Virginia, who denied it and was eventually sued to pay the full amount of the commission on Maria Alice’s mother’s earnings while she was part of the Rezende agency, as was agreed between all of them the parties in signing the contract.

Luxury living

Virginia often squanders her luxury purchases on the internet, generating a lot of buzz among internet users. The girl was in a store buying clothes for her daughter, Maria Alice, 3 months, and one of the items purchased was a brand sock Gucci worth BRL 515. As soon as the video was shared on social networks, netizens immediately commented on the luxury item.

In the video posted by YouTuber herself on her social networks, the sock was the item with the lowest value. She also liked a printed shirt that cost more than R$1500. Upon receiving the value of the sock she liked most from the seller and noticing that the value was below the average of the other items she was seeing in the store, she decided to take the ask.

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