Owner injury makes Ceará seek reinforcement in Brazil and even abroad – Play

Ceará defined the team’s priority in terms of the transfer market, given the needs of the cast. The club is looking for a new right-back after injury found in Buiú, which will put him out of action in the next rounds of Series A.

The intention was revealed by the president of Grandpa, Robinson de Castro, during a live held with fans of the club on the channel “Bora pro Racha, Vozão!” this Friday night (10).

“We are not closed for hiring, but we have to be very punctual in what we can bring. Today, there is a possibility of bringing a right back. Buiú suffered an injury and will not be able to return soon. has seen some names, both in Brazil and abroad”.

Buiú is one of the right-backs in the Ceará squad

Felipe Santos/Ceará

cast evaluation

The representative alvinegro did not reveal other positions that could be targets for insertions of Grandpa in the market. According to Robinson, a conversation to assess the needs of the squad will still take place with Tiago Nunes, however, regarding right-back, the club has already identified the need for reinforcement.

“The window closed, but there are some players who have terminated (abroad). Tiago Nunes hasn’t sat down with us yet to talk about needs. Of course, I imagine that it’s necessary. “, finished.

Gabriel Dias, another right-back in the team from Alvinegro, should regain his opportunity as a starter after a period out due to a knee injury. However, the squad would be without a substitute athlete, if Alvinegro does not strengthen the sector.

Ceará will face Grêmio this Sunday (12), at 11 am, in a round that marks the debut of Tiago Nunes. Ceará spent two weeks without playing and should have news in the lineup. In addition to Gabriel Dias, Jael can appear as a starter and Vina must have a modified role in relation to the frame of the previous coach, Guto Ferreira.

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