Patient with suspected black urine disease consumed pacu purchased on the edge of Santarém | Santarém and Region

One of the patients admitted to the Dr. Alberto Tolentino Sotelo Municipal Hospital, with symptoms characteristic of Haff Syndrome, known as black urine disease, Valdir Rufino dos Santos (Valdir Macapá), 55 years old, got sick after consuming pacu that he himself bought on the edge of Santarém, in the west of Pará.

THE Tapajos TV, Valdir’s daughter, Vanessa Maria Ebraim dos Santos said she was informed by her father’s wife that he bought the fish on Thursday afternoon (9) and that he was fine, without any complaints until he ate the fish. “I don’t live with them. But his wife told me he was fine, but about 2 to 3 hours after eating the pacu he started to complain of pain in his legs, neck, stomach, but that was it, because he is tough to illness. But, today (Friday) in the morning his condition got worse, his legs fell asleep, a lot of headaches, he had difficulty moving, then he was taken to the hospital,” he said.

Also according to Vanessa dos Santos, her father’s blood was collected for examination and the results showed changes. Urine was also collected and visually it was very dark and the pain persisted. After evaluating the patient, the family was informed that he would be hospitalized and that there was suspicion of black urine disease.

“This (black urine disease) is a very serious thing and people need to be alert,” said Vanessa dos Santos.

In Santarém, in addition to Valdir Macapá, another patient with symptoms of black urine disease is admitted to the Municipal Hospital, and a third patient was discharged after an improvement in his clinical condition.

Until this Saturday (11), the only death with suspicion of the disease is the motorcycle taxi driver Genivaldo Cardoso, 55 years old, which occurred on the 5th, at the HMS.

Due to the reports of patients with suspected cases about the onset of symptoms after eating fish, the City of Santarém published a decree on Friday night (10) that prohibits the sale of three species of fish in the city. [tambaqui, pirapitinga e pacu] from the state of Amazonas, a state where there are already confirmed cases of black urine disease.

Urine disease presents symptoms such as: sudden extreme muscle stiffness, muscle pain, chest pain, difficulty breathing, numbness, loss of strength throughout the body and coffee-colored urine as the kidney tries to clear impurities, which causes an injury to the musculature. The disease causes a lot of muscle pain, resembling dengue fever, but without fever.

Symptoms usually appear between 2 and 24 hours after eating fish or shellfish.

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