Patricia Poeta is discharged after surgery: “Baita victory”

The journalist received a medical discharge this Friday (10).

The journalist received a medical discharge this Friday (10).

Photo: Instagram: @patriciapoeta / Famous and Celebrities

After going through a emergency tonsil surgery last week, Patricia Poet was discharged from the hospital. On Monday (6), the presenter of ‘É de Casa’ revealed on her Instagram profile that she had been hospitalized for a week, but was still not 100% recovered, without going into many details.

In the early afternoon of Friday (10), the journalist explained the situation in a publication. “Dear ones, after the scare, I follow the way home to finish recovering there. (…) I woke up with a slight sore throat last week. Everything seemed under control. I was properly medicated, even. But the problem is that, in a few hours, that ‘small inflammation’, imperceptible to the naked eye, already descended almost to the base of the neck. From there down, it was certainly life-threatening,” he began.

“May we continue to face and strengthen ourselves with the obstacles that appear ahead – and without ever failing to value this great opportunity that is ‘living’. Yes, because the simple fact of being able to get out of bed in good health is already a lot victory. And a good reason to thank you too,” he continued.

Patrícia also stated that after the “nightmare”, there is no way to stop reflecting on everything she went through. “The record seems to be dropping and you, of course, trying to understand things better and the reason for all that. The fact is that, sometimes, life nails every surprise on us”, he concluded.