Patrícia Poeta relearns how to eat after surgery and laments her disfigured face

Patricia Poeta was discharged after emergency surgery (photo: reproduction / instagram @patriciapoeta)

Patricia Poeta was discharged after emergency surgery (photo: reproduction / instagram @patriciapoeta)

Patricia Poet talked more about the emergency surgery he underwent this week after an inflammation of the tonsils. She needed to be replaced in the presentation of the “Encounter” she is now on medical discharge to recover at home.

“I confess that there is no way to go through a nightmare like this, after several days in hospital, and not reflect on everything I experienced during this period. The record seems to be dropping and you are, of course, trying to understand things better and the reason for all that”, began the outburst.

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The presenter told how she discovered the most serious inflammation after a sore throat. “The problem is that, in a few hours, that “small inflation”, imperceptible to the naked eye, already descended almost to the base of the neck. From there down, it was life-threatening for sure. Therefore, the operation had to be urgent, on the same day of hospitalization”, he reported.

Poet was startled by what he saw in the mirror before entering the operating room. “Face? was disfigured. A real “nightmare.” (nightmare). Well, after the hours of operation, another big challenge was already underway: exercising patience, prayer and positive thinking…. And for what? for the next exams and their possible consequences”, he explained.

Poet also lived difficult moments in the postoperative period. “To face the pain of swallowing your own saliva; to try and not be able to open my mouth to speak, eat, etc… Patience to relearn certain things, respecting the time of the body itself – and even psychologically shaken with the latest intense events”, she evaluated.

After all the scare, she thanked the affection she received from friends and the public this week. “I will never forget the affection from all of you, as well as the help I received from all the health professionals who attended me – competent people who are there to give themselves to others. May we continue to face and strengthen ourselves with the obstacles that are appearing ahead – and without ever failing to value this great opportunity that is ‘living’”, he concluded, thanking him for being healthy.