Patricia Poeta said she was at risk of death in surgery: ‘A real nightmare’

Patricia Poet said on social networks this Friday (10) that he was at risk of death after surgery he had to do in the tonsils and that disfigured his face.

“The record seems to be dropping and you are, of course, trying to understand things better and the reason for all that. The fact is that, sometimes, life preaches every surprise in us”, said the journalist.

Patricia said that she started to have a sore throat and that after the “small inflation” went down to “almost the base of the neck.” “From there down, it was life-threatening for sure. Therefore, the operation had to be urgent, on the same day of hospitalization”, he said.

“Face? It was disfigured. A real nightmare. Well, after the hours of operation, another big challenge was already underway: exercising patience, prayer and positive thinking… And for what? for the next exams and their possible consequences; to face the pain of swallowing your own saliva, to try and not be able to open your mouth to speak, eat, etc. Patience to relearn certain things, respecting the time of one’s own body – and even psychologically shaken with the latest intense events”, said the journalist, who thanked the entire team that assisted you.

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