Paulinho’s Widow, from Filme Nova, explains the misunderstanding of pregnancy – Famous

Elaine Soares, Paulinho’s widow, clarifies misunderstanding about pregnancy (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

After posting on instagram about pregnancy, Elaine Soares, widow of Paulinho, vocalist of the group New clothes, explained that it was all a misunderstanding. The singer’s wife is not expecting a child and commented on the matter again, but now, in an interview with Revista Quem.

“I never said I was pregnant. I went to see a doctor where the sperms are frozen and he told me I could start the exams anytime I wanted. But I’m not in the emotional state to start the exam. This is one dream I had, to continue his life, the life of the only man I ever loved,” said Elaine.

The widow explained that the post was nothing more than a tribute to the musician, who would turn 69 last Monday (06/09). The singer died in December of last year, victim of COVID-19. Elaine said that she did not start treatment to become pregnant.

“I have his sperm frozen because in 2009 we thought about having a child. I’m the only one allowed to use them whenever I want, but as I’m suffering a lot of grief and September 6th was his birthday, I posted it. a belly, which wasn’t mine, and I said that my dream was to continue because I was going to have a little bit of it in me,” said Elaine. Check out what the post said:

This is the biggest birthday present for both of us. Remember the gametes we froze and that I’m the only one allowed to use? So it is. Soon our baby will be here. My best gift. Thanks, Daddy.

Elaine Soares